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Denim Therapy

About Us

Repair now!

The Denim Therapy Company was created in 2006 with the goal to fix any hole, hem, or broken denim regardless of damage severity. And to do so with unconditional love, carefully repairing all denim as if it was our own.

With the expertise, experience, and passion of two fashion-forward friends, Denim Therapy was first introduced to New York City. Because the repair is not a patch - and is much better than a patch, Denim Therapy's innovative jean repair solution provided all of us with a new way to solve denim problems. It was the first opportunity to have our favorite jeans reconstructed, rather than poorly patched by a dry cleaner.

The response to the unique repair, exceptional customer service, and overall convenience of an online repair service was tremendous.

The Denim Therapy buzz traveled quickly from NYC on to Los Angeles to Chicago and Miami. With denim enthusiasts sending in their favorite jeans from as far away as Sydney, London, and Hong Kong, Denim Therapy has truly become a denim doctor to jeans of all brands and origins.

Five years later, thousands of jeans repaired, and over 20 leading fashion news recommendations, Denim Therapy maintains the same goal that started the company. At the end of the day, we are happy to know that with so much of our love pouring into everyone's favorite denim, there is that much more love in the world.

Denim Therapy
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