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Denim Therapy

Refer friends, earn DenimDollars

Repair now!

Denim Therapy has started offering group therapy! Earn DenimDollars, as good as cash on your Denim Therapy orders, when you refer people to us.

Referral Program

Login to your account on our website and click on "Refer Friends" to get your personal referral link.


Share your personal referral link. Email it to all your friends, post it on
Facebook, Twitter, your blog - anywhere you can!


Once your friends use your link to place an order with Denim Therapy, they'll receive 7 DenimDollars for their order. When they pay, you'll receive 7 DenimDollars good on any of your future orders with us.

There's no limit to the amount of DenimDollars you can earn. So, make sure your group gets all the therapy they need and all the free therapy they want!

Denim Therapy
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