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Repair now!


20 April 2015

Why The Best-Fitting Pair of Jeans You Will Ever Own May Already Be in Your Closet

Denim Therapy From basic repairs for holes and tears to monogramming, hardware replacement and basic tailoring needs, you can either ship or drop off your TLC-requiring blues in person to Denim Therapy, then simply wait for an emailed estimate—and a whole new world to open up.

Yahoo Style

8 April 2015

8 Menswear Brands Winning the Internet- Bookmark Them Now!

When people talk about their favorite jeans, they speak less as if they’re referring to apparel than something beloved, like a pet. And NYC-based Denim Therapy is their trusted vet.

Wall Street Journal

14 March 2015

5 Jeans Lessons From Obsessive Denim Nerds

“Jeans are a part of your life if you have truly invested the time and years to make them age,” said Mr. Harrell. “And no jeans are beyond repair. There are some great denim repair shops around the U.S. now.” He recommends a service called Denim Therapy (, in Manhattan, which also takes orders by mail.


1 December 2013

The Smart Shopper: Click Here If You Hate Buying Clothes Online

When your jeans have torn hems, busted zippers, or crotch blowout, ship 'em off to the wizards at Denim Therapy. They'll send your pants back in two to three weeks practically good as new

Popsugar Fashion

10 April 2013

The Best Denim Care Tips to Preserve Your Jeans — Take Note!

 Today, we're sitting down with the jean experts at Denim Therapy to learn the best practices for taking care of your jeans! From the washing dos and dont's to how to hem your jeans (the right way!) and fix holes, we're highlighting the most important things you need to follow to preserve your favorite pair of jeans!


5 April 2013

The Best Clothes Fixer-Uppers in America

 Like a rescue shelter for prized denim with crotch blowouts


1 April 2013

Your Jeans Are Back from the Dead

 Normally I'd just go to my local tailor for an easy-on-the-wallet, quick fix, but a job this complicated (and this personal) required an expert's touch. So I took them to Denim Therapy, a full-service tailor and repair shop in Manhattan that specializes in denim


19 March 2013

Learn How to Hem Your Jeans!

 We're taking you to NYC's Denim Therapy, where founder Francine Rabinovich shows us how to hem a pair of jeans. This is (arguably) one of the most important steps when it comes to keeping your jeans in tip-top shape, and in just a few simple steps, you can learn how to do it yourself.

Real Simple

24 January 2013

Denim Therapy: Relief For Your Favorite Jeans

Everyone has had that moment – when your absolute favorite, irreplacable pair of jeans, whether a cheap pair that fits amazingly or the designer denim you splurged on, become “broken in” beyond wearability. What to do when good jeans go bad? Send them to Denim Therapy!

O, The Oprah Magazine

8 January 2013

How to Wear...

 Still can't find the perfect fit? Denim Therapy offers complete tailoring and repair services

Time Out Chicago

12 December 2012

Denim Therapy Test Drive

 Your favorite pair of jeans can last a lot longer, thanks to Denim Therapy


11 August 2012

Studio Visit: Denim Therapy

  The team here do alterations, repairs and even a bit of customization to fulfill the wishes of their growing client base. I loved meeting up with them and seeing their packed studio of indigo jeans and wish them every success in the future, they deserve to do well!


24 July 2012

Tips and Tricks: Denim Therapy

 Francine is sharing her secrets to finding the perfect fit for you and keeping your jeans looking their best!

The Fabulous Report

9 July 2012

Denim Therapy Shares Your Passion. Broken, Worn, Get Makeovers

So, what sets Denim Therapy apart?  The answer is simple: they offer expert denim repair service. They specialize in reweaving denim, replacing hems, adding maternity panels as well as custom services such as monograms and tailoring


4 June 2012

Denim Therapy Review: They Saved Me $200

The pants with the growing “blowout” were sent off to Denim Therapy to get repaired, and I must say… I’m delighted with the result

Lil Sugar

18 May 2012


Got a pair of designer jeans that you just can't part with for nine months? Send them over to Denim Therapy. For $60, they will add in some elastic panels to convert your favorite dungarees into the maternity jeans you always dreamed of owning. 



11 May 2012

Everything You Need To Know About Denim – Q&A with Francine of Denim Therapy

 Although denim is a basic wardrobe staple, it can still be a tricky category to shop for – so, when you find the perfect pair, you want to hang on to it. Denim Therapy, a New York-based boutique tailor, caters to those of us who can’t let go of their perfect pair.


NYC Pretty

1 May 2012

Good Jeans!

 From tailoring to dying to reconstructing, you name it, they do it! This one-stop denim shop will now forever be in my emergency contacts!!

26 March 2012

A Denim Intervention

 "The proof for me was in my jeans, which came back as seamlessly as I could’ve hoped. The resewn areas are still a bit stiffer than the rest of the pants, but the repairs are all but unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Happily, you can now say the same of my knee, too."

New York Live

23 March 2012

Give Your Jeans Some Denim Therapy

Lilliana checks out the latest services from Denim Therapy.

23 January 2012

A Little Denim Therapy

Denim can be a matter that’s close to your heart, from that pair of jeans you wore on a first date to th Denim can be a matter that’s close to your heart, from that pair of jeans you wore on a first date to the favorite jacket that kept you cozy all through college…So when you suffer from a rip or a tear, the results can be devasting.  Thankfully, there’s Denim Therapy, a service that can help bring your most treasured twills back to life e favorite jacket that kept you cozy all through college…So when you suffer from a rip or a tear, the results can be devasting. Thankfully, there’s Denim Therapy, a service that can help bring your most treasured twills back to life Moms & Babies

26 December 2011

Rock Your Fave Jeans While Pregnant With Denim Therapy

 With the recent launch of maternity services from Denim Therapy, your pre-pregnancy jeans can now be tailored to fit your growing belly.

20 December 2011

Hollywood Holidays Gift Guides


For the girl who isn't afraid to recycle her denim (Kate once wore the same J Brand jeans three days in a row!), we'd treat her to a gift card to Denim Therapy, the company that repairs holes, wear, and scuffed hems.


4 November 2011

Guys Reveal: The Gift That Changed My Life?

"She found this place called Denim Therapy that repairs even the most beat up jeans and makes them look like new. Seriously, such a freaking cool gift."

5 October 2011

Custom Denim Sites Make Dream Jeans A Reality

"Perhaps you found your favorite pair, and nothing else compares, but we all know our favorite jeans endure a lot of wear and tear. Thanks to Denim Therapy, that rip, tear, fraying or hole can be repaired if you aren’t into the distressed look of a well worn pair of jeans."

Men's Health

1 October 2011

Men's Health Guide to Denim

Founder Francine Rabinovich gives care tips to Men's Health for their 2011 Guide to Denim.

Cool Mom Picks

13 September 2011

How do you fix your jeans? How about a little Denim Therapy

"I gave it a try and was extremely impressed with the service. Before, you could see my unmentionables through two big holes in the bum of my jeans. Now, the denim is good as new, if a little stiff, and it's all holding up under washing and drying. Goodbye, blue jean blues."


Status Magazine

25 April 2011

Your Jeans Can Live Forever

"While we can’t prove reincarnation with solid evidence, what we do know is that your favorite jeans can get a second life…and a third—heck, even a fourth. All it takes is a little faith in the powers of a New York-based jeans experts Denim Therapy."


1 April 2011

Your Jeans Are Back from The Dead!

"Through a process they call MatchPerfect, they pick threads that blend in with the color, weight, and wear of your denim. The result: just-invisible-enough patches."

X-Ray Magazine

1 March 2011

Make Do and Mend

Article featuring Denim Therapy in the special denim issue of the Austrian Fashion and Design Magazine, X-Ray.

12 February 2011

Therapy For Your Jean Addiction

When the time comes for cleaning, the dreaded fear of them feeling immalleable and stiff disconnects the intimacy and dampers a mood. Heaven forbid a tear, rip, or broken seam! So comes Denim Therapy, a company based in New York that can repair your jeans to look almost exactly like new, and then ship them back to you.

31 January 2011

5 Ways to Expand Your Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

 "If you have a favorite pair of maternity jeans that you simply can’t live without for 9 months, Denim Therapy will insert expandable side inseams to expand with your growing body for $60. And then when you’re back to your pre-pregnancy size, Denim Therapy will remove the inseams as if they were never there."

AM New York

17 January 2011

Conquer Your Closet Clutter

 Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, founder and creative director or Clos-ette and, lists Denim Therapy as one of her top resources for for donating, consigning or repairing your wardrobe in order to get you "well on your way to a more organized closet."

23 November 2010

Blue Note

"The denim doctor is in—and her name is Francine Rabinovich, founder of Denim Therapy, the New York City company that repairs rips and tears in some of the world’s most well-worn jeans."


2 November 2010

Best Of The Web - Jean Rehab

" We all have a favorite pair of jeans, ripped or tattered beyond repair, that we just can't bear to part with (they make out butt look too good). Now you don't have to say goodbye! Send your threadbare pair to this service site, which magically brings them back to life with undetectable denim reconstruction for just $7 per inch. "


1 September 2010


 "Lauren offers tips on how to create your own unique look, shares her favorite sources of inspiration and identifies the absolute must haves for any fashionista's wardrobe."

TimeOut New York

26 August 2010

Your denim problems...

"if you can't part with your beloved dungarees,  let skilled professionals work their magic; ... Denimology excutive editor Andy Knight suggests Denim Therapy."

24 August 2010

Denim Therapy

"There's few things we hate more than having to give up a beloved pair of jeans because of wear, tears, or holes that outgrew their stylishness. Luckily, we no longer have to. Denim therapy is a jean repair service that works miracles on broken denim..."

Financial Times

21 August 2010

A Jeans Repair Service

"Francine Rabinovich founded Denim Therapy, a Manhattan company that mends everything from ripped crotches to holey knees and torn hems, in 2006, and currently repairs about 600 pairs of jeans a month from places as far afield as Australia, Britain, Canada and France."

23 July 2010

The Zoe Report: Denim Doctor

"...anytime you find that you’ve worn your go-to pair of jeans to shreds (literally) you can simply send them out to the Denim Therapy doctors for a little R&R…and voilà, they come back to you better than ever..."

Better TV

10 July 2010

Denim Help

Interview featuring the Denim Therapy showroom and offices.

Black Book Magazine

10 June 2010

Denim Doctor Update

"I opened the now-shredded box to find my beautiful jean jacket, fully restored. I searched the tags for signs that this was indeed my treasured jacket and not some denim imposter, and, as I scanned the jacket for familiar lines, I found comfort in the worn out Levis’ tag. My jacket had had a serious makeover..."


2 June 2010

your Look - Denim

"It's a miracle! will put elastic inserts in you favorite pants' waistband so it expands with your belly. Once baby is born, the company removes panels returning jeans to their pre-prenancy form."

The Huffington Post

26 May 2010

How to Revive Your Torn Jeans

"At $7 a square inch to repair, it's a better choice to breath life into an old set then go out and grab a new pair."

Life & Style Weekly

6 May 2010

Don't Cry Over Ripped Denim - Fix It!

"Tears and holes in your favorite jeans? There are people who can fix that. For $7 per inch, an innovative service clled denim therapy will repair even the gnarliest cases ("


2 April 2010

The New Rules of Denim

"When that artful rip becomes a gaping hole, turn to Denim Therapy, a mail-order service that can resurrect even the most battered pair of jeans in about two weeks. Broken zippers are replaced, unruly hems fixed, and torn pockets are stitched back to life. And because the company stocks thousands of threads, the weaves come amazingly close to the original."


1 March 2010

Sales and Marketing - A repair shop for ripped jeans

Here's what experts had to say about our company.

Fox News

20 September 2009

Tossing Out Jeans is Sew 2008

"We all have our favorite jeans we can't live without. But what if you snagged them or the zipper breaks. You no longer have to waste money on a new pair. In tonight's special report, Mark Saxenmeyer introduces us to a service that ensures your style will fade before your denim wears out..."

10 September 2009

Meet Francine Rabinovich, Founder of Denim Therapy

"What does a dash of denim, a self-proclaimed jeans lover and little bit of thrifty inspiration create? Francine Rabinovich's Denim Therapy."



9 September 2009

Digital Fashionista

Technology and fashion collide in New York during fashion week as the CyberGuy examines the latest trends in online custom tailoring, shirts that claims to become your own personal soundtrack and why you should never throw away another pair of jeans again.


9 September 2009

DENIM THERAPY Repairs Your Holey Old Jeans

" I’m honestly not even sure exactly how Denim Therapy fixes such beyond-repair holes so craftily – but their services are amazing. They have to be seen to be believed. I think they might employ magic elves in their studio or something..."

Fox News

3 September 2009

On Your Side: Denim Therapy

"DALLAS - You can pay plenty for the perfect pair of jeans. But wear them out and it's all a waste. Or is it? FOX 4's Steve Noviello says he's found a budget-friendly fix for your favorite denim."

ABC news

11 August 2009

Girlfriend to Girlfriend

Denim Therapy featured on abc news. Interview.

She Knows

4 August 2009

Save money on maternity jeans with Denim Therapy

"Are you longing for a pair of designer maternity jeans, but are flinching at the high price tag — especially for jeans you can only wear for a short period of time? Denim Therapy has the perfect solution for hip moms-to-be who have an eye on their wallets!"

1 August 2009

Still Love Those Jeans You Can't FIt Into? Here's What to Do.

"Awhile back I told you guys about Denim Therapy, a company that "surgically" renews your falling apart jeans. Now, the miraculous repair experts have launched a new service: one that expands your jeans when they don't fit anymore..."

Fox News

1 August 2009

Denim Therapy Jeans Repair

"If you spend a couple hundred dollars on a pair of jeans, you want them to last. A Brooklyn based company says it will repair your old jeans so they can provide years of enjoyment..."


7 July 2009

Style Solution: Repair Your Jeans With Denim Therapy

"I just discovered Denim Therapy, a service that will reconstruct damaged fibers so your jeans look good as new again. Simply fill out an online form, ship out your ripped jeans and let the denim doctors work their magic! We tested this process with a pair of Lindsay's jeans that had split at the inseam. Check out these amazing before and after pics!"

6 June 2009

Do You Wear Distressed Denim?

" matter how extreme the issue—from "the cat ate my pants" tatters to so-worn-out-they're-practically-sheer (not cute, trust me). Check out their amazing before and after photos on their website."


8 November 2008

Save Your Favorite Jeans

"Now when your wear your jeans to pieces, there's no need to part ways. Send them to, a company that resurrects worn out blues. The denim doctors work miracles by weaving new cotton fibers into the existing fabric so your formerly tattered jeans come back fully restored."


1 March 2007

The Best Places - Denim

"The pros at New York-based will reweave any tears in your favorite jeans, while matching the original color."

Juli B

7 February 2007

worn again

"When you are cracked out? rehab. when you're blown up? an ashram. but when your favorite jeans spring a hole? ship 'em off to denim therapy for a denim resurrection."


4 January 2007


"Best Denim Doctors. “I feel like a bad-a** in this one pair of jeans, so I’d do anything to fix them. For $7 an inch, Denim Therapy will assess the damage, repair it, and return your fixed jeans in a couple of weeks!"

21 November 2006

Denim Therapy for your Tattered Jeans

"No, no, treehuggers don't like throwing stuff away especially when it comes to a long loved pair of jeans. We say 'fix it' above recycling. But sorting out the cuts and holes of an old pair of jeans is not an easy task and often results in just buying a new pair. Now however, there's Denim Therapy for your falling apart jeans."

Elle Girl

13 August 2006

Shop Girl

"In two weeks, the geniuses at Denim Therapy will literally reweave your denim so the repair is virtually seamless. We heart old-school technology."


1 August 2006

First Aid for Jeans

"From too-worn-to-wear to born-again: New York City-based reconstructs jeans with denim thread-no patches-in two weeks."

Daily Candy

1 March 2006

You and Your Calvins

"Denim Therapy provides quality repair for any worn, torn, or tattered denim — just like you. Their design team uses a unique reconstructive technique that weaves new cotton fibers into your existing fabric. We know it sounds painful, but the result — a smooth surface the same grain and color as the rest of you — is unparalleled."

Denim Therapy
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