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About Denim Therapy

We are the leading online destination for all services related to denim. Denim Therapy repairs your favorite pair of jeans. We fix holes and tears, pockets, beltloops, hems and zippers. It is not a patch - it is a genuine reconstruction of the original denim material. The service costs $4 per 1/2 inch.

We also offer a maternity jeans service where we insert expandable side inseams to a pregnant woman's jeans. We then convert the jeans back for them afterward. The total cost is $60.

We recently added the ability to dye your favorite jeans, blue, black, tie die nothing is beyond our ability.


There are two major actions a customer can Take where you can earn a commission:


Denim Therapy has been featured in numerous TV, print and online publications including the Today Show, Fox and NBC and was recently named Best of New York by New York Magazine.


“This is amazing I have no idea how you do this, but you made my jeans like new again. Geniuses that’s what you are!!! Thanks so much.”
-Randi (Februrary 2010)

“I just got my jeans back and I am ELATED! I can’t believe just how good they look. You guys are the best – thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
-Brittany (January 2010)

“Wow, thanks very much for both repairing my jeans so well and getting them back to me before my vacation. Excellent service, can’t thank you enough!”
-Chris (July 2009)


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