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Denim Therapy


Repair now!
How much does Denim Therapy cost?



Belt Loop Repair
Button Hole Repair
Hem Reconstruction
Inside Pocket Repair
Holes and Tears
Pocket Repair
Remove Existing

$4.5 per 1/2 inch ($9/inch)
$4.5 per 1/2 inch ($9/inch)
$4.5 per 1/2 inch ($9/inch)
$4.5 per 1/2 inch ($9/inch)
$4.5 per 1/2 inch ($9/inch +$10)
$4.5 per 1/2 inch ($9/inch)



Change Button fly to Zipper
Rivet Replacement
Button Replacement




Maternity Service
Elastic Waist Expansion
Resize-Lower Legs

starts at $90

Expedite Fee






How much is shipping?

Our shipping prices vary depending on your area.

Is Denim Therapy a patch?

Denim Therapy is not a patch – it is better than a patch. Our unique repair technique is a genuine reconstruction of the original denim material. It is new cotton thread and stitch applied to the damaged area.

Does Denim Therapy only repair holes?

We’re denim experts so we fix and do all sorts of denim stuff – holes and tears, new and adjusted hems, replacement zippers, pocket repair, belt loop stitching… Let us know if your therapy needs aren’t covered here:

What color jeans work best in Denim Therapy?

Denim Therapy has repaired all sorts of colors and styles – blue jeans, black, gray, red, white… The MatchPerfect process guides the thread selection so regardless of what color jeans you have, Denim Therapy will be able to provide the best looking result possible. Check out the results.

What is MatchPerfect?

MatchPerfect™ is a thread selection process that will produce the thread closest to your jeans unique identity. Variables like indigo saturation, weight, and wear are analyzed so that Denim Therapy selects a thread and delivers a rebuild that very closely matches your jeans original denim construction.

Where can I sign up for Denim Therapy? And then what happens?

You sign up for Denim Therapy on the Repair Now page, then send us your jeans in the mail or drop them off. Please make sure you use a trackable method. We’ll let you know the estimate and once approved, we’ll complete the repair and send your jeans back to your door or notify you when they are ready for pick-up

Can I drop off my jeans for repair?

Absolutely, just sign up on our website first.  You can drop off your jeans Monday-Friday from 10am to 7pm EST at 555 8th Ave, suite 910 New York, NY 10018. If you are bringing denim for tailoring service hours are between 11am-6pm

Can I pick up my jeans after they have been repaired?


I have some more questions before I send in my jeans. How do I reach Customer Service?

Please feel free to reach us with any question you have - you can call us at 347-935-0089 or email us at We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Also, check out the rest of FAQ section as we have tried to answer a lot of your questions here.

What's so great about DT's Customer Service?

We learned a long time ago about something called the Golden Rule – basically, treat others as you would like to be treated. At Denim Therapy, this has to do both with the way we treat our customers and the way we treat the jeans. It’s put into practice across the board from the individual attention we give each estimate and repair, all the way to how we deliver your jeans back to you. (We ship your repaired jeans right to your door in a sturdy Denim Therapy box.) Expert repair, exceptional service, every time… is the way we like to do things.

What happens if I don't like the result?

Denim Therapy has proven positive results for all jeans types and problems. We guarantee every effort will be made to repair jeans as best possible, however we are not responsible for disagreement on results.

What happens if my jeans tear again?

We offer a 3-month warranty on repairs. Please email us pictures of the new damage to

Does DT only accept high-end jeans?

Absolutely not – we don’t discriminate! Our favorite jeans come in all styles and brands. Any pair of jeans that needs Denim Therapy will receive it. We have given successful therapy to Abercrombie, Diesel , D&G, GAP, H&M, Lucky, Levis, R&R, 7s and many, many others.

What makes every pair of jeans unique?

Jeans are like fingerprints – every one has an unique set of attributes that makes it special. Denim is made from cotton thread of varying color and weight. Once created, denim may go through any number of finishing processes that will affect the look and feel. It may be washed, colored, distressed, or worn until its unique identity is achieved. Denim Therapy provides a repair that matches this identity as best possible.

Are my jeans going to be worked on with other people’s jeans?

No – every reconstruction is done one jean and one fix at a time. Every jean and hole is unique so it will require individual attention for proper repair. No group therapy!

How long does it take for Denim Therapy?

The typical repair turnaround is about 2-3 weeks. We also offer an option to expedite your jeans 3-5 business days (shipping time not included). You can add this option in your payment cart for an additional $25 per pair.

What happens if I need jeans in less than 2-3 weeks?

If you need your jeans back in less than 2-3 weeks, we offer expedite alternatives. Once we receive your jeans and payment is accepted we can have your jeans ready between 3-5 business days for $25 per pair or for next day is $40 per pair (if you want them next day please contact us directly). Shipping times not included

How do I get in touch with Denim Therapy at any point during the process?

For any questions we welcome correspondence by email: Regardless of whether you are a new or returning customer we welcome you to reach us. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

If I send in 5 pairs of jeans at once do different rates apply?

Unfortunately no – as the labor and process that goes into Denim Therapy is the same regardless of quantity, the cost for repair is not affected. It does not go up or down.

What do I need to do to my jeans before I send them to Denim Therapy?

Wash your jeans to ensure accurate color of denim. We do not launder jeans so please help the process by doing this prior to shipping. If your jeans are not washed, we will add $10 to your invoice.

What happens when you receive my jeans?

Denim Therapy gives every pair of jeans individual attention. When we receive your jeans we first inspect the problem area to assess damage and to provide you with an accurate estimate. The specific repair materials are determined by MatchPerfect TM. Reconstruction is done by hand, reweaving one hole at a time. This same process repeats for every hole so best quality repair is delivered every time.

Does DT do denim jackets?

Yes, Denim Therapy can be done on any denim item. The same costs apply to all articles.

What is the shipping address for Denim Therapy?

Denim Therapy
555 8th Ave, Suite 910
New York, NY 10018

What happens if my jeans are lost in the mail?

For outbound packages, we ship your jeans via FEDEX and include $100 of insurance in case of loss or damage. Extra insurance is available for an additional charge depending on the coverage amount. We will not refund cost of repair in case of loss or damage by the shipping carrier.

If you use our inbound service through Newgistics/USPS there is also a $100 insurance. Unfortunately no additional insurance can be added to this service.

For international orders we ship USPS to save costs but please note this option does not include tracking nor insurance coverage. If you wish for us to ship via a different carrier, please contact us.

How can I thank Denim Therapy?

As we are here to help the denim community reconnect with their favorite jeans, the best way to thank us is to share your story with others so they can get back into their favorite jeans, too. You can send us an email and we will post it. Thank you for sharing the love!

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