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Thank you thank you thank you!!!

"What a great service!!! Very quick to send me an estimate, it was a very reasonable price considering when I received my jeans I found they didn't only repair (and re-enforce) the rip they also re- enforced the same spot on the other side as well! My jeans were shipped in a timely fashion and I received them 10 days from shipping day :) so pleased!! U would never even know they were torn! Great job! 5 stars across the board!! I will use this service for all my favourite jeans from now on! "

A Sheldrick 11-23-2012

Wow! Amazing!

"I have used Denim Therapy several times and every time, I am blown away. I had a pair of jeans that had a MASSIVE tear (and I mean completely massive) and Denim Therapy saved them for me. I don't know how they do it, but keep doing it! This is the ONLY place I will ever send my ripped jeans."

anonymous 11-17-2012

Fav Pair of Jeans ---SAVED!

"Thank you Denim Therapy for repairing my jeans!!! Almost unnoticeable!!! Would highly reccommend!"

anonymous 11-15-2012


"My issue wasn't too major in comparison to the other pix I've seen. Just a tear near the zipper that needed some therapy. But my True Religions were important to me, so I had them sent away and they came back good as new! I'm so happy! Thanks, Denim Therapy! :)"

N Reed 11-14-2012

What Hole?

"After having my favorite pair of vintage jeans repaired with a giant hole in the groin area, I can now wear them everywhere and its as if they were never even damaged in the first place. I would recommend their exceptional quality service to any one and everyone. You'll never have to part with your favorite jeans again!!"

J Rose 09-24-2012

Awesome Job!

"I can't remember how I found out about Denim Therapy, but I'm glad I did! I had 3 pairs of jeans that I absolutely loved, and all had wear & tear in the same area. I took the jeans to a tailor to be fixed, but was told that it couldn't be done. I kept the jeans, and never threw them out, figuring that I eventually find someone to take the challenge of repairing them. I was a bit skeptical about Denim Therapy at first, not knowing if the repair job would be worth the price, but figured I would try it and see. Sent the jeans in, received the quote, and accepted the charge. The jeans were returned to me in PERFECT condition about a week later, and I have been wearing them ever since! You would NEVER know that these jeans were ever repaired at all, as they look and feel totally normal. Pleasantly surprised, and have recommended this company to my friends who have jeans that are in need of repair as well. Don't think twice about it...just do it!"

M Raneri 09-24-2012


"I bought a pair of fairly expensive jeans in a thrift store and was bummed when I got home and discovered that there was a hole developing between back seam and pockets. I sent them to Denim Therapy for reinforcement.....Seriously, I am not sure if it's sorcery or just some dark art but the results are AMAZING! I strongly recommend. The service is affordable and worth the!"

a schoedel 09-12-2012

Amazing job yet again!

"Crotch rips are a bitch, but Denim Therapy saves the day yet again! For an awesome cost as well! Highly recommended for any repair for denim that is precious to you."

B Higa 09-06-2012

Love you guys!!!!

"I just got my jeans back today and they look brand new. I absolutely love the work you guys did! Thanks so much and I will definitely be back :)"

K Shellhammer 08-27-2012

Pleased customers always return - and I did.

"Like the first pair of jeans I sent in, I was extremely pleased with the work they did the second time around. This time I sent two pairs of Diesels and they both came back looking awesome. I've included before and after pictures this time. Denim Therapy...keep up the good work! You have a customer for life. Thank you!"

J Giraldo 08-19-2012

Continuation to my previous review

"These are my other Diesels submitted along with the other pair. Again, awesome job. Thanks DT!"

J Giraldo 08-19-2012

My Diesels are new again!!!

"Just got my Diesel jeans back today and I could not believe my eyes. The repair job is excellent and I could not be happier with the work done. Thank you Denim Therapy for repairing my favorite old jeans. They are like new again!! "

J Giraldo 07-16-2012


"I am beyond thrilled with DENIM THERAPY! They were so nice when I dropped off my jeans. 2 weeks later I got my jeans back and you would never even know they were ripped. They look FANTASTIC! I will recommend DENIM THERAPY to everyone I know. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Michelle"

M Rubin 07-13-2012

Stellar in Every Way

"Denim Therapy ROCKS! The customer service was superb...great communication and very pleasant reps. The repairs are beyond amazing. I sent 3 pairs...1 had a huge hole above the pocket, 1 needed to be hemmed and have the waist taken in, and 1 just needed hemming. I can't even tell there was ever a hole on the one pair and the fabric matches exactly. The hems and waist were tailored perfectly...all stitching is just like the original. The prices for each repair were well worth having my jeans fixed expertly as opposed to my past experiences with other places which were cheaper but the repairs horrendous. I am so glad DT exists!!!"

S Hovsepian 06-27-2012

Amazing results

"I had a pair of jeans that I hadn't worn in over a year because of the big rip in the knee, but they were otherwise perfect. When I tried Denim Therapy and got them back looking brand new, I sent in a much more expensive pair that I seldom wore because of a tear. I just got those back and they look great. I'm so happy that I can wear both of these again. I pointed out to a friend that I used Denim Therapy "right here," and he responded "...where?" The repairs look so great. Thank you so much!"

anonymous 05-04-2012


"I am beyond pleased with the repair DT did on my Rock and Republic jeans. I had a rip in one of the knees and DT truly did an amazing job at the repair. I highly recommend their services. Very reasonable price too! Thanks, DT!"

anonymous 04-22-2012

Iffy on the price

"I had a hole in the crotch and about 2 inches of wear in total on the hem of my Nudies which i estimated according to the posted rates to only be about $60 or so. but their estimate ended up being over $140 not to mention the brutal price of shipping from and to Canada ($60 in total). Love the idea of reweaving denim but the price is a little iffy. I could have bought a brand new pair or Nudies for less then the total repair price. Not sure I'd use then again. "

anonymous 04-14-2012

Like Nothing Ever Happened

"I sent a pair of Joe's Jeans and a pair of Citizens of Humanity with tears on both sides behind the crotch. When I sent them with my order form I asked if they could also reinforce the the areas after patching them. Sure enough, they did! Repairing both pairs cost me significantly less than purchasing just one new pair of denim from labels like Joe's or CoH. Well worth it. Even with reinforcement, it looks like nothing ever happened. Thank you, Denim Therapy! You gave my denim new life!"

V Bragais 04-12-2012

Long wait but worth it.

"I ripped a hole in the crotch of my favorite Levi 510's. They don't make the version I have anymore so I decided to try out Denim Therapy. The whole process was easy. Got there really fast. It took a month to finally get them back but they look great and I'm happy to have them back. Also the price was a bit more than I expected. The hole was about 2 inches and I was charged $40 to repair. I imagine they needed to be reinforced too. All in all I'm happy to have them back. Definitely worth a try!"

N Carter 04-03-2012

The Best!

"I had been holding onto an old ripped pair of MEKs for over a year in hopes that someday I could find someone to fix them. Finally, I heard about Denim Therapy, and I'm so happy I did! They repaired a huge rip down the entire seat pocket as well as a large hole in each hem and I couldn't be happier with the results. I will definitely use this service again!"

A Beckman 03-22-2012

Wonderful Service!

"I sent in 3 pairs of jeans for repair in the summer and they turned out great! Another small hole appeared shortly after, however, and DT repaired them for free under warranty. I could not be happier with their customer service team and my jeans look great!"

anonymous 01-17-2012


"I tried to have other jeans repaired at a local dry cleaners. I don't know how they would repair it but I wasn't expecting them to just use an iron on patch. I could have don't that myself and it didn't hold up for long. So I when I had another pair of jeans I wanted them actually repaired. My friend mention denim therapy to me so I decided to try them on my 7 for all mankind. It was a superb job. When my dad got the package he wondered when did I order new jeans! They fit great and I can't tell the hole was there and I had it reinforced so I think they can last even longer that last time. I will definitely use denim therapy again"

N Thomas 01-06-2012


"I am a guy with some over priced GAP jeans, but they fit my middle-aged body (code for a gut). The main metal button that holds them together started to rip the denim and become loose (and ready to fall off). After going to at least 3 tailors, and all said they couldn't repair the button; Denim Therapy restored them to new, and saved me from having to buy another pair of these over priced jeans. BTW, The Gap wouldn't stand behind their product either. "

J Israel 01-06-2012

Well worth it

"My jeans were destroyed on both hems and knees. The whole process was easy, quick and completely professional. Definitely will be using this service in the future. "

anonymous 01-02-2012

another home run

"Denim Therapy RULES! I can once again wear my favorite Sevens to work. Fast, great work and cheap at the price."

H Reich 12-25-2011

Not for the visible area. The repair is visible and reflect lights differently

"Had a tiny rip on the crotch area and near zipper on my black Current/Elliot jeans. The process was easy and painless. I am satisfy with the how the strengthen the area. However, the thread they use the very shiny so it reflects like very differently than the rest of the denim. So now the repaired area near the zipper area very shiny and catch people's attention. First I thought it would be not that noticeable however, people stare at that area thinking I spilled something there when I am talking to them... The repair is strong and it is great on not-so-visible area such at crotch but you might want to be careful if you are getting visible area repaired. "

anonymous 12-19-2011

horrible service

"I send my jeans in over a month ago and have still not recieved them due to multiple mis ommunications on denim therapy's part. I changed my shipping address a week before the jeans actually shipped yet they send the jeans to the wrong address even though i was sent an email confirming the changed address with the shipping number. I am not happy because even if the jeans were repaired well i will not be able to see them for another 3 weeks because of the mistake they made with shipping. overall i am not a happy customer at all"

A Dixon 12-19-2011

Nice work!

"My boyfriend loves this pair of jeans- they are priceless as far as he is concerned! The repair was costly but looks great!"

anonymous 12-15-2011

Saved my favorite pair of jeans!

"I ripped a section of my favorite jeans while climbing out a window to put up some Halloween decorations. The $200 jeans are no longer sold and so I sent them in for repair as the only alternative to throwing them out. Within six weeks, I had them back and in wearable condition. The patch is fairly close to the rest of the black denim and I am thrilled the jeans were saved. Thank you!"

anonymous 12-14-2011

Great Job

"They did a fabulous job in restoring my jeans which I thought were destroyed for good! Highly recommend them for any kind of denim repair."

anonymous 12-11-2011

Great work...

"This is the second time I have used Denim Therapy. They do really good work and couldn't be happier with saving these nice jeans. No need to throw them out. I completely recommend using them."

L Aguirre 12-10-2011

I'd do it again, BUT.

"I got my Nudies fixed, had a tear in the knee. When I measured them, it was about 2.5inches. When they measured, they measured 3inches and then added on another .5 inches for vertical tear, which I was unaware of, for a total of 3.5 inches. Just let it be known that you have to add and measure vertical tear too. For a small rip/tear, it's ideal, but once it starts getting too large, it's cost prohibitive. Cheaper to just buy a new pair. Overall, I'd say the end product, shipping and service, I'd give them a 'B-'. Pretty decent job, but still some good room for improvement. "

E Geisler 12-08-2011

Good repair, service left something to be desired

"I read about DT on a few sites and was eager to get a hole in my denim repaired so I gave them a shot. From the day I sent my jeans in until the day I received them it was a little less than a month which was longer than I'd hoped and longer than had been led on by a reply email when I checked on the status. Also, I washed as instructed before sending my jeans in but I know DT washed AND dried my denim due to the amount of shrinkage when I got them back. True it stretches back out in the waist but the hem is a little short now. As mentioned in the title the repaired hole seems like it will hold up however the delayed return, lack of effective communication, and failure to mention the machine drying is enough for me to not recommend their services."

anonymous 12-02-2011

Cheap Cheap Cheap!

"I spilled super glue on my True Religions and if you have every taken chemistry, you know that combination creates and exothermic reaction and creates a ton of heat. Furthermore, through attempts at repairing the area with nail polisher remover, iron patches, and excessive washing, I made the area 10 times worse with a big hole and a brown burn area in the shape of an iron. Freaked out, and found Denim Therapy online. The fixed it all for less than the cost of shipping! I'm very superficial and need my True Religions! Thanks DT!"

J Kalman 12-01-2011

Extremely Happy!

"Very easy process and quick turn around time; it was definitely worth it. I invested a lot of money in my Buckle jeans and when those holes showed up I was devastated. Denim Therapy saved the day. Many, many thanks."

D Zotti 11-29-2011

Best New Secret

"I can not believe how great this repair was! Buy new jeans? vs Get these repaired?? -- I got mine repaired, and it was perfect! They don't just patch your jeans..I could have patched them, Denim Repair actually repaired the denim. Great Job! My favorite jeans are now back in the clothing rotation, and I am so happy and relieved. =) YAY!"

anonymous 11-27-2011

What great service!

"I can't believe I let that hole sit in my jeans for a whole year. Now it's all patched up. Yay!"

S Shanfield 11-27-2011

Really Amazing

"I'll never throw out another pair of jeans again - I'm pretty sure Denim Therapy can make them live forever. I've had 3 pairs of jeans repaired by them now (each with impressive crotch holes that would have made them trash otherwise) and each in a different color; one was black, one a faded denim, the other a dark denim with stripes that I never noticed until the repaired item came back and I saw all the different colored thread (from the interior) they used to make the perfect match. Most importantly - even after washing and wearing a few times, the repairs are still perfect and the jeans still comfortable (I had a fear of the repaired area being itchy or rolling or creasing strangely but I couldn't even feel the repair). You guys rock!"

N Howard 11-26-2011

The cure for jeans suffering from "exhaustion"

"Denim Therapy is the “Promises” for jeans suffering from exhaustion, only way more effective and significantly less expensive. "

D Blair 11-23-2011

Love,Love,Love my Jeans!!!

"I am extremely happy with my jeans!!! I will be sending another pair for sure!!!! DT did an awesome job! You can't even tell where they were fixed. Highly recomendable!!! "

V Garza 11-19-2011

True Religions

"Sent in a pair of True Religions that had a huge hole in the left knee and Denim Therapy fixed em up perfectly. Very impressed with the repair. It's a different texture and thickness but it doesn't bother me a bit. It appears to be a very structurally strong repair and should last a very long time. It's not even visible when I'm wearing them. Highly recommend Denim Therapy. Thanks!"

A Roberts 11-18-2011

Saved My Farovite Jeans!

"I found this service by chance and I love the results. The service was fast, polite and professional. My jeans look like new. I am more than pleased. Denim Therapy ROCKS!"

anonymous 11-17-2011

I Wish I Had Found DT Years Ago!

"It is so difficult to find 100% cotton jeans anymore. Now I have to wear Carhart! GAP hasn't made cotton jeans in years, I'm not fashionable, so I love my GAP low rise cotton jeans. No one makes those for fat girls anymore."

anonymous 11-15-2011

Great repairs, amazing service!

"Special props to the folks at Denim Therapy. I sent my jeans in once for a few repairs, but (because I wasn't thorough in my diagram), a few crucial repairs were missed. DT offered me a discount on my next order, which I used to re-repair the ones I'd previously sent in. I'm wearing one pair today, and they look and feel great. Highly recommend!"

J Wescott 11-07-2011

Nice Job

"Denim Therapy did a great job repairing and reinforcing the crotch in my jeans. The repaired area feels super bomber-stronger then the surrounding denim fabric. They shouldn't tear again. DT isn't super cheap-so make sure the jeans are worth it and get on it before the hole enlarges too much. "

M Porco 11-06-2011


"Denim Therapy performed a miracle for me. My favorite pair of seven for all mankind high waist skinny jeans got a tear in the back pocket and had a couple of other spots that looked as if they were about to tear. I sent my jeans on Monday and overnighted them so they got there by Tuesday. I emailed them saying it was an urgent situation because I needed them by the weekend. They gave me the estimate for what it would cost to rush them and I paid it Tuesday afternoon and was told later that day that the repairs were finished and I would have my jeans a day earlier than estimated!!! My jeans arrived to me on Thursday (a day earlier) and the repairs were incredible. I was skeptical at first on how good they would actually look because this denim is much thinner and more stretchy than normal jeans but the color matches up perfectly and you can't even tell!!! All of my friends said they looked like brand new jeans!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DENIM THERAPY!"

S Hurley 11-03-2011

Good, Not Great.

"The quality of the repair is very good, although the patchwork is bulky. Prices are definitely high - I could have just bought a new pair of jeans for that price. Customer service was difficult to reach & I had trouble using a discount code. Denim Therapy was worth a try, but I doubt I will use their services again."

A Stewart 11-02-2011

Not so pleased...

"I just used Denim Therapy for the first time, and in my opinion, it wasn't worth what I paid for the services. My jeans were fixed, but the areas that were repaired are so much thicker than the rest of the pant that it is distracting when I wear them. I haven't washed them yet since I got them back, so I am hoping that may help a bit. I also paid as much for the repairs that I would have paid for a new pair of jeans. I really like the idea of Denim Therapy, but I would only use them again on jeans over $100."

anonymous 10-31-2011


"So happy the holes in the crotch area of my jeans are no longer there! Wish I'd discovered Denim Therapy before throwing out many pairs of fabulous designer jeans. The color match wasn't perfect...but the repair is in the crotch area so it's not like anyone will be able to see. :) Happy!"

anonymous 10-27-2011

Rich & Skinny Jeans

"When my favorite pair of skinny jeans ripped right on my back pocket, I was devastated. Then, I read about Denim Therapy in a popular fashion magazine and figured I had nothing to lose. I am so glad that I sent them because they were able to fix it at a reasonable price and now I have my favorite jeans back. The thread color is not an exact math, but it is close enough and my jeabs look great again. I highly recommend this company."

l de la nuez 10-27-2011

I'm a Happy Customer

"I've had repairs done on a different pair of the same style of jean (Regular Alf by Nudie) by a local seamstress. I wasn't happy with how they did things. 6 months later, I utilized Denim Therapy for the same repair in a newer pair. It was less expensive, quicker, and they've held up better 5 months on. I'll be a repeat customer. "

N Mortensen 10-24-2011

I'm a Happy Customer

"I've had repairs done on a different pair of the same style of jean (Regular Alf by Nudie) by a local seamstress. I wasn't happy with how they did things. 6 months later, I utilized Denim Therapy for the same repair in a newer pair. It was less expensive, quicker, and they've held up better 5 months on. I'll be a repeat customer. "

N Mortensen 10-24-2011

Extremely Happy!

"I am sooooo happy with my experience with Denim Therapy!! I mailed my $175 AG jeans in that had a large hole in the back area that just wouldn't stay closed with patches or hand sewing. Two days later I got a very decent repair quote ($17.50) and about one and a half week later I had my like new jeans back to me in the mail!! It looks amazing and the repair they did seems extremely solid and high quality. Will definitely recommend to others and be back for more denim repairs!"

anonymous 10-22-2011

Saggy butt no more!!

"I found a pair of 7 For All Mankind 'Dojo" style jeans that fit me perfectly in the waist and hip area. Unfortunately the jeans were very saggy in the buttocks area. I sent Denim Therapy the jeans, as well as, another pair of my jeans that fit me perfectly in the butt area as a sample for how I wanted the 7 For All Mankind's to fit. I got my jeans back today and they did an extraordinary!! My 'Dojo' fit me PERFECTLY in the buttocks area! Thank you Denim Therapy!"

C Potter 10-21-2011

My RR, Citizen's, 7's and

"I had very expensive repairs as a lot of my jeans needed heavy hem reconstruction. In my earlier years I use to like ripping the hem of my long boot cut jeans by stepping on them as I strolled NYC. As skinny's are so in and is a more flattering fit for my body; I decided to do hem repairs and re-size some of my favorite bootcut jeans. The result - magnificent job. The jeans were repaired beautifully with a nearly perfect color match & the resizing fit was great. However, I did have to return 2 pair of jeans that needed to be re-sized again as the fit was a little to small because it was 100% cotton. However, it was at no cost to me the re-sizing because of the 3 month warranty policy :-) All in all, I had about 5-6 premium jeans repaired and I was in love with the work done to them. I will be coming back to re-size and repair more jeans. However, because it was so costly due to cost of resizing and the heavy repair of the hems - I am waiting until I have just enough cash to send 5 more jeans to re-size :-) Thanks DENIM THERAPY!!!"

anonymous 10-20-2011

Pleasantly Surprised

"Got my jeans back sooner than I had expected and found the damaged areas completely "cured". No visible stitching or patching. I sent out a second pair for therapy yesterday. "

S Lee 10-13-2011

Fast work, excellent service

"My jeans were repaired and returned in just over a week. I'm not sure if there are any other similar services available, but Denim Therapy is hard to beat. I have used them twice now, and the cost is much less than buying a new pair of jeans!"

anonymous 10-13-2011

fast, excellent service and impeccable job

"Favorite jeans ripped at crotch area. Wish I had taken before and after pics because the job was beautiful, excellent service and reasonably priced. Very quickly done too."

L Kenworthy 10-08-2011

Disappointing, for the price

"Sent in three pairs of jeans, Hudsons, TRs and Sevens. Decent sized tears in all three. Over $200 for the repairs, which I expected. Upon receiving the jeans, the appearance was completely changed. Heavy coloration changes in the affected areas that stood out much more then any before and after picture on the website. An incredibly rough outside finish. Had also requested strengthening in an upper thigh area of the Hudsons which was not done. Also requested the hem on the Hudsons be fixed. Billed $35 for the hem which was not touched. Great idea for the company. There is obviously a market for these types of services for denim. However, at the current price point, a much better customer experience is warranted. "

M Pitz 10-08-2011

thank you denim therapy!

"I am 5'2" and have trouble finding jeans the right length. I was skeptical about having my jeans hemmed, since I have been down that road before with terrible results. I was overjoyed to have my jeans hemmed, with the original hem by Denim Therapy. WOW! I am so happy with my new jeans, I want to wear them all the time. I have no doubt I will be using Denim therapy again! Thank you for allowing me to wear jeans with flats!!!"

S Conlon 10-07-2011

Saved my favorite jeans!

"I'm tough to fit and had finally found the perfect pair of jeans...I even had them properly hemmed which I rarely do with casual wear. Then I fell on the wet streets of Portland OR and scuffed the knee badly on this pair of dark denim jeans. Denim Repair fixed the scuff (almost a hole) and it's barely noticible now. The process left the "patch" stiffer than I would have thought, but overall I am very happy with the repair."

anonymous 10-06-2011

maternity made easy

"Excellent service, top notch work, definitely use them for your maternity needs!!! And then convert back to pre-pregnancy!"

anonymous 10-06-2011

Surpassed my expectations

"I had high expectations for my Joe's Jeans to be repaired after reading the reviews. Denim Therapy communicated throughout the process and I even received my jeans back sooner than they originaally quoted me. The jeans look awesome - you can't tell that any work was done at all on them, which is great because there was a pretty large hole near the back pocket making them unwearable. So happy to have my favorite pair of jeans back and actually be able to wear them again. Thank you, Denim Therapy. "

anonymous 09-29-2011


"I am so amazed at whatever Deni therapy did to repair my jeans. I had two huge holes that they repaired and you can't even tell where they were! My jeans were returned less than 2 weeks from the time I sent them in. I saved over $100 by using Denim Therapy. Thank you so much!"

anonymous 09-26-2011

Great at repairs, so-so at process

"I recently received back 2 pair of my favorite Diesel jeans that the Denim Therapy folks repaired, and I am very satisfied with the job done. However, I'm a bit disappointed that the folks there didn't notice additional places that needed repair and suggest them. Though it is as much my fault as theirs, both pair could have used an extra repair or two, and now I've got to do another round-trip with them."

J Wescott 09-26-2011

I thought they were lost...

"But Denim Therapy gave my APC jeans a miracle. I've spent so much time getting this pair broken in just to get left with a gaping hole in an embarrassing region. You know the spot, every pair of jeans get the "blow out". Denim Therapy charged me $28 to fix a large hole and reinforce a weak spot! I'm more than happy to pay this to fix a $175 pair of jeans. I've had them for over 2 years and now I think I'll get another 2 years out of them!"

anonymous 09-19-2011

Nothing short of brilliant!

"It is such a rare occasion when a service oriented business delivers on all of its promises. Denim Therapy did exactly that: price, timeliness, quality of the repair, follow up with communicating that my jeans were on their way back to me, arrived when promised... not to mention that the repair is almost invisible! Bravo! I will send DT all of my jeans that need repair. I'm obviously tough on my pants."

K Giambalvo 09-17-2011

save me about 360.00 and extended my wardrobe

"i love them, i sent them 3 pairs of jeans that i paid anywhere from 90.00-140.00 for , i thought that i would have to throw them away because the thigh area had been shredded or ripped, when i got them back, you could hardly tell that they had been repaired, no one could tell. if you have a favorite pair of jeans that you love and thinking about throwing out. don't try DENIM therapy first . not only did they save me money , but they also extended my wardrobe. but also allowed me to buy 3 more pair of jeans , increasing it, and not replacing items I had to throw away . LOVE them and i will be using them again and again :) "

S WATTS 09-15-2011

OOPS! Missed a few Holes was taken care of.

"OOPS! Missed a few Holes Original Review "On the repairs made, DT did a terrific job. However, they missed repairing a few holes one a full 1" and a 1/2" on the right side of the chest that are quite obvious, and a 3/4" hole on the arm at the wrist yet they fixed a 1 1/2" hole right above it. Realizing this Classic 11MJ Wrangler Jacket is over 60 years old, it was a miracle anything could be done, it was like working on the Shroud of Turin." DT quickly addressed the over site and we came to a mutual correction and I sent it back and now the "Shroud of Turin" Wrangler 11MJ Jacket is as good as can be expected. Holes and rips are now all fixed and now does not look like a shredded rag on my shoulders and it now looks great with all its patina appearance intact."

D Genz 09-14-2011

Great Service

"I got a hole in the back pocket of my favorite Naked and Famous jeans. At first, I thought nothing of it, but once my wallet was starting to peak through, i figured it was time to get the jeans fixed before the hole got any bigger. Denim Therapy did a great job, my jeans look like new. Really happy with the end result."

anonymous 09-12-2011


"Wow, your jean repair specialists are something. Quick to get back to me on emails and then the jeans were sheer perfection. How did they fix that torn up hem?? How did they fill in the hole. I can actually worn what was a ripped up pair of jeans to work! This is my third pair of perfectly repaired jeans. Your denimologists rule the blue jean world."

J Aguado 09-10-2011

Love my jeans now and for days to Come!

"Always happy with the way Denim Therapy repairs my jeans! They do a great job! Thanks!!"

C Lee 09-08-2011

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Quality was excellent, but hidden fees not appreciated

"I paid more for the repair than both jeans' original price because Denim Therapy has hidden fees (mine had "pocket repair fees"). On August 25th, I had sent in two pairs of Gap jeans that had 1" holes in each of the jeans' back pockets (i.e., one 1" hole in each of the jean's right back pocket). Prior to sending them in, I thought I would shell out around $14 for the repair pre-shipping, because the website said they charge $7/inch of repair. After checking to see if my jeans had holes that didn't exceed an inch, I sent them in. Days later, I received an email from Denim Therapy saying that in order to repair my jeans, they would have to charge me $20 more for the repair (i.e., $10 for each of the jeans) because of a "pocket repair fee"--they need 10 more dollars in order to unsew and sew back the pockets (which I understood at first, but it had me scratching my head since I didn't see anything about a pocket repair fee at all in the website). Or they told me they can just donate the jeans to charity. Since my jeans were at their mercy and I loved them so much and having shelled out $13 to ship them to Denim Therapy, I budged after a few days of pondering. I don't know what kind of ruler they use to measure the holes, but pre-pocket repair fee, they charged me $14 for the other hole. Having meticulously measure both holes, they did not equal, let alone exceed, an inch in measurement. The amount I paid was: $14 (got overcharged for one 1" hole) +$7 (the one they got right) +$10 (pocket repair fee for pair #1) +$10 (pocket repair fee for pair #2) = $59 pre-tax. I bought those jeans for $25 apiece a few years ago. So Denim Therapy did more damage to my wallet than my wallet did to my jeans. LOL. However, Denim Therapy was true to their word regarding shipping. I got them 13 days after I paid for the damage. Also, the quality of the repair was excellent. The material they used blended so well with both worn-in denim that you won't be able to tell that they had holes on them. Upon closer inspection, they feel like they were a bit starched (i.e., a little stiff) because, obviously, it's not as soft as the worn-in denim. In short, Denim Therapy did a great job with the repair but they really need to indicate all the fees on their website. Thank you, Denim Therapy, but that's the last time I'll do business with you. :-)"

anonymous 09-08-2011

So impressed!

"I am thrilled to have my favorite jeans back and in such great condition. What a fantastic service - easy to send jeans in, fast communication back, and speedy repair and return. After reading a review about the patch-like quality of the repair, I was a little hesitant. But, I thought if I try Denim Therapy, I may have my favorite jeans back, if I don't try them, I know I won't have them back. I'm so glad tried it! The fix for the holes in my jeans at first felt a little think, but the color was perfect. After one wear, they feel great. I highly recommend Denim Therapy!"

anonymous 09-02-2011


"Every girl has a pair of jeans that are their go to jeans. My heart almost broke when my favorite pair of True Religion jeans started to pull apart right by the pocket. It ruined my day. I started looking online for places to fix my favorite jeans and stumbled onto Denim Therapy. THANK YOU DENIM THERAPY for picking up the pieces of my heart! My jeans look almost like they were new. A little stiff in the area where repaired but I would rather it be a sturdy repair than pulling right back apart again. I now have 2 fixed pairs of jeans worth more than $500 and total repairs were less than $40. I will be returning to Denim Therapy if I ever tear again :)"

K Flynn 08-30-2011


"fast repair shipping ...great service my jeans look great thank you Denim therapy....."

C JONES 08-29-2011

I knew ads were too good to be true!

"The repairs to my jeans were not of quality posted on this site. There are exposed threads from the repairs on the outside of the jeans. Nothing was re-woven, simply passed over with a straight-stitch onto a tape membrane. I plan to just donate them all and buy new, which is shameful because I loved the fit of my 7for all mankind, Hugo Boss & D&G jeans. Maybe I can embroider or paint some crazy design to cover all of the "repairs" and the new cut from where a box cutter was used to open the box in which they were sent to Denim Therapy. Such careless treatment of items that retail so dearly. But, I guess I got what I paid for with Denim Therapy. I advise you find a local tailor that can reweave denim. With the money you'll save in shipping, you could buy lunch and coffee for your tailor to sweeten the deal. Don't buy into the hype."

D Harrington 08-26-2011

Why didn't I call you sooner?

"I split the seat of my favorite pair of jeans and knew that I needed more than just a dry cleaner to fix them. After hearing about Denim Therapy for several years, I finally decided to give them a try. I received my price quote within a day, and received my jeans a week later. I was completely impressed with their turnaround time and hoped that I would be equally impressed with their work. Turns out that I was. The hole was expertly fixed. The repair seems quite strong and sturdy, as does the reinforcement that I had Denim Therapy do to the mirror-side of the tear, which was about to rip as well. I wore the jeans on two 9 hour plane rides to see how well they would hold up, and I'm happy to say that I didn't need to put on the extra pair of pants I had in my carry on (just in case!). Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of work and will be sending over another pair of my beloved jeans that need some TLC."

M Kull 08-23-2011


"Am so happy to have my jeans back. Thanks Denim Therapy; great therapy indeed!"

I AGBAKURU 08-22-2011

not great and will find a local dry cleaner

"i have to be honesst not a greaet job at all; the two repairs inside the pockets looks sloppy and unfinished, i then found another hole in the pocket that they didnt even repair. i think they are very expensive and would have done a much better job myself"

j bergamino 08-22-2011

Another smooth transaction...

"Sent in raw denim to be hemmed. D.T. hemmed exactly to the requested length. The chain-stitch is perfect. Thanks for having a Union Special!! Quick turnaround and good communication through emails. "

anonymous 08-22-2011


"Their work is subtle and durable. I do my own repairs when the task is within my means, and I've paid others to repair the really nasty rips. Denim Therapy does it as well as any of the other tailors appealing to the denim head market, and at half the price. You can trust these guys with your jawns. "

J Miller 08-20-2011

Far from Satisfied

"Had 2 pairs of jeans repaired here. The work on the knees on both pairs is OBVIOUS - the thread doesn't match the original color of the jeans and the patch thickness makes the jeans look stiff. The repair work is especially obvious when I sit down, making the jeans not fit for wearing in public. "

anonymous 08-18-2011


"They jeans came out perfect! Thanks!"

J Smith 08-17-2011

Positive Mix Up

"I sent in 2 pairs of jeans, Diesel and 7 for all Mankind, and the quote to fix the 7's was CRAZY high, so I declined to have them repaired but did authorize repair on the Diesel's.... well they repaired the 7's by mistake and sent them both back to me. When I discovered the error I contacted them and they are now fixing the Diesels free of charge for their error. PRETTY AWESOME if you ask me... a little time inconvenience, but basically 2 for the price of 1... schweeeet! Cant wait to get my Diesels back!!!"

J Bussey 08-15-2011

Love my jeans again!

"I sent my favorite pair of jeans to Denim Therapy and they came back looking like new. A few weeks later the pockets that I had repaired started to fray again. I emailed them, with a few pictures I had taken, and they repaired my jeans again free of charge. You can't beat that kind of service. I am very happy with the results. Thank you Denim Therapy!"

L Wardell 08-15-2011

Like New!

"I love my "new" jeans! I'm petite which means that unless I'm looking to wear butterflies and glitter on my jeans and shop from the kids department, then its hard for me to find jeans that fit me. So you can imagine my pain when one of my favorite jeans got this massive rip in the middle! Thankfully I heard about Denim Therapy, gave them a shot and now my jeans are like new! You can't even tell there was a rip there before unless you look on the inside patch work. Totally worth it! "

J Auguste 08-12-2011


"I've sent at least 3 pairs of jeans and a jacket and I'm always amazed at their fast service and how well they repair my jeans. I've had jeans repaired before by a local cleaners and was very dissatisfied with their service. Great Job Denim Therapy!!! You have a customer for life!!!"

anonymous 08-05-2011

these guys are miracle workers.

"they've turned water into wine, joorts into jeans, and clothed the five thousand. I sent two pairs in, both with horribly destroyed crotches, and was sent back two BRAND NEW looking pairs of jeans. You can't even tell they were damaged in the first place. Amazing."

R Pavlick 08-05-2011


"I sent in two pair of my favorite jeans for repair. Got them back and they both look great. Price was fair and reasonable and service was extremely quick. I will definitely use you again !! Thanks SOOOOOOO much I couldn't be any happier."

J Ammons 08-05-2011

Great fix but very expensive

"My favorite jeans were in bad shape. I wore them until I couldn't anymore. The repair is great. I also received my jeans back rather quickly. The down side is that I received my jeans a few weeks ago I am still thinking I have spent too much money getting these jeans repaired. I had the holes in the knees, the bottom hems and back pockets repaired and it cost $136.95 WITH a 10% discount. Still not sure if my favorite jeans are worth that price. That repair was more then I paid for the jeans. I am just hoping I can wear these repaired jeans for a very long time. "

J Ryan 08-04-2011

Amazing work!

"I'm so happy that I entrusted Denim Therapy with my favorite pair of jeans, they were repaired exactly to my specifications and they were willing to work with me on what repairs I wanted to make which was wonderful. They were also able to remove a few large black stains that had appeared after I used the laundromat, I didn't ever expect to be able to get rid of those stains so I was beyond pleased with their work! I had actually stopped wearing my favorite jeans they were getting so badly worn, I was terrified that I would rip the bottoms even more so I was sad thinking that my jeans were nearing the end of their life! I am so happy with their repairs and the new life they have breathed into these jeans for me, all for around what another pair would have cost anyways, well worth the price they charge for their work! I will definitely be sending them my jeans in the future for repairs!"

anonymous 08-02-2011

Great Job

"I had a hole in the back pocket button of one of my favorite jeans and Denim Therapy did an amazing job. I could not be happier with the results as it's almost impossible to tell if any repair has been done. Great job."

anonymous 08-01-2011

Great Job

"I had a hole in the back pocket button of one of my favorite jeans and Denim Therapy did an amazing job. I could not be happier with the results as it's almost impossible to tell if any repair has been done. Great job."

anonymous 08-01-2011

I have my favorite jeans back

"I sent a favorite pair of Joe's Jeans that were several years old and had a small whole and were worn in the seat. For $14c plus shipping I have my jeans back and they look perfect! I am so happy that I can wear them again!! "

C Kaiser 07-30-2011

Just like new

"I've had 4 pairs of jeans spruced up. After spending all that money on Sevens and AG jeans, I thought i would have to part with them because i had worn them out. But after sending them to Denim Therapy, they are now back in the rotation and i couldnt be happier. Jeans are an investment now a days and i want to keep them as long as i possibly can. "

d hughley 07-29-2011

Everything you've heard is true

"Sent in a pair of faded black/grey jeans- ones that had just passed that "perfectly broken in" phase and had developed rips in the crotch that were also worn paper-thin. The new weave matched so perfectly, unless you look at the inside of the jeans, it is nearly impossible to tell that any repair was done at all. And the crotch is now reinforced so it will never rip again. Great work, and nice people to boot!"

S Milonovich 07-29-2011

Saved me from having to buy maternity jeans

"i got panels put in 4 pairs of jeans and now i dont have to shell out $200+ dollars for some jeans to fit my burgeoning belly! but that isnt even the best part...i sent them my favorite Rock and Republic jeans that i wore to the brink of death, they had a hole in the crotch and were thinning in a few other places. i was prepared to throw them away but when i got them back i almost couldnt tell where they did the repairs! they are that good!"

C Miller 07-28-2011

Worth It!!!

"My favorit pair of jeans started fraying in the upper thigh and Denim Therapy totally fix it. They also reinforced the other side so it would not happen again. It is really hard to find that perfect pair of jeans so, if you have a pair of jeans that you LOVE and you cant ware them any more because of rips or holes I totally recommend using Denim Therapy."

M Weinstein 07-28-2011

Worth every penny

"I don't usually post in these customer review things but I've used Denim Therapy twice now for three pairs of jeans and their work is top-notch. Two thumbs way way up for an amazing service that's excellent value. "

anonymous 07-28-2011

The fit changed

"I guess I should have figured that when Denim Therapy darned the crotch of my favorite jeans (favorite because of the fit) that it was bound to CHANGE the fit (especially the rise). They're also overly stiff in the crotch and no longer as comfortable as they used to be. I find when I put them on I don't even want to wear them because they're tighter in the crotch and the rise has been shortened just enough to annoy me. Oh well. Live and learn. The repair job is very sturdy - I will say that. But if I'd realized the jeans weren't going to fit like they used to then I wouldn't have wasted $60 getting them fixed. It's worse than all that, though - because I LOVED those jeans how they were and I could have just done some kind of low-rent fix of them myself. They wouldn't have looked as nice, but at least I'd still be enjoying them. "

B Crum 07-28-2011


"I've sent three pairs of jeans to Denim Therapy and they have all come back looking fabulous. I love that my designer jeans can be saved and I don't have to go through the expense and process (finding the right pair, tailoring, etc)of buying a new pair. I've been recommending Denim Therapy to all my friends!"

anonymous 07-28-2011

These guys know denim

"People wear denim differently than they wear other types of fabrics. A tailor may be able to modify or fix your denim, but with Denim Therapy, you KNOW you will get the result you are looking for. The team there just really understands how the fabric works and how it interacts with your body. Sort of like a hair dresser with a really good understanding of the dynamic nature of hair. They are my go to denim people."

A Sunderji 07-28-2011

Best Repair!

"I will never buy another pair when one needs repairing. It is so worth spending the $30 on repairing then buying a new pair for $150. I was so impressed by the repair job that Denim Therapy did and I will most definitely keep using them."

anonymous 07-28-2011

Nothing beats it

"Here is the short and skinny on DT. I have been using them for around 5 years. They do the best repairs the definitely are not the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive. You do not need to direct them what to do they are pros pros. The customer service is amazing keep up the good work and i will continue to keep sending you my jeans for repairs. Thank you. "

anonymous 07-28-2011

Ripped Again!

"I loved the ease and professionalism of Denim Repair. However, I initally paid over a $100 to repair two pairs of jeans. They were NOT designer jeans, but once you get attached to a pair of jeans, it's super hard to let them go. Both pairs were returned in a timely fashion and the repair work was wonderful and completely "woven" into the fabric of the knees, where both pairs were ripped. However, within two times of wearing them, both pairs ripped above or below the repair sites at other unknown weak spots. The first pair, I emailed Denim Repair and they repaired the one pair again with no cost for return shipping plus an additional @ $27 repair fee. So far so good. The second pair ripped in three additional sites above and below the previous knee repairs. I'm heartbroken and ultimately feel that old jeans cannot be repaired sufficiently. Would I do it again? Probably NOT depending upon the location and type of rip or tear on the jeans."

B Klar 07-28-2011

Saving me hundreds!

"It's wonderful to know that the $200 I have spent on many pairs of jeans, only to see holes in a year, can be saved with only a $30 investment. It's impossible to find great jeans so this really saves not only cash but also my sanity for not having to find the sames ones that fit - or new ones if they are discontinued. "

L Schuermann 07-28-2011


"I'm wearing my repaired jeans now -- so happy!"

L Hjortsberg 07-28-2011

COH jeans like new!

"Loved my COH jeans (which were originally $150) and was so sad when the seat started wearing out cause I figured I'd have to spend another $150 to get a new pair, but somehow stumbled across Denim Therapy and sent the jeans before there was a hole (but you could tell it was coming any day) and they sent them back in great condition! No risk of a hole now and it cost a third of a new pair. I will definitely use DT again in the future (I hate having to find new jeans and will keep fixing the old ones as long as I can). :)"

anonymous 07-28-2011

Great work!

"My favorite pair of jeans ripped after I washed them and I was so afraid they couldn't be fixed because the rip wasn't on a seam. A friend suggested denim therapy and I sent them away and 2 weeks later they came back looking brand new. I would send away another pair in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for taking care of my favorite jeans in the whole world!!"

M Hoppe 07-28-2011

Just got my jeans (4 pair) back

"I sent four of my favorite pair of jeans to Denim Therapy. Two "YES" jeans, a Bill Blass and Pure Gear. I have one minor complaint, but in the scheme of things it's not a big deal considering the amount of work they did on these jeans. My only complaint is that when they re-dyed my pair of "YES" jeans (the ones pictured ... my favorites) they restitched every thing except the button hole. The jean came out amazing! But that one missed was very easy to catch. Still the job was amazing. My wife is now pulling out all of my old jeans so that I can get them repaired. All in all I am very, very please. There could of been a little better quality control, but it's a great deal at a very, very good price. I would/will be doing it again. "

S Moultrie 07-27-2011

Wonderful Job

"You did amazing repairs to my 30 year old jeans ... so happy that I can wear them again."

anonymous 07-27-2011

Thank you!

"Denim Therapy is my new favorite thing. So happy to have my favorite jeans back in wearing condition!"

anonymous 07-25-2011

Great job, worth every penny!

"I had a tear in the thigh area of my favorite pair of jeans and I was so upset...when I found out about Denim Therapy I was thrilled! I work in the City so I was able to drop off and pick up my jeans which helped save in shipping costs but in my opinion, the repairs are so affordable, especially taking into consideration the quality of the repair...the area that was ripped seems more sturdy than the rest of my jeans-and it matches perfectly! This is a great service with awesome turnaround time. "

anonymous 07-16-2011

Great job again!

"I'm a repeat customer and I have never been let down. This last time I had two pairs of my old faithfuls (Paige) turned into maternity jeans! I'm expecting in January and my regular jeans are starting to get tight! So I sent off two pair and got them back so fast I don't actually need them yet... but I did try them on and I am SO thankful to have them. What a great service. The world is a better place for Denim Therapy. Thank you."

J Howard 07-16-2011


"Super fast service. The whole process, from me sending my jeans to me receiving my repaired jeans, took 7 days. They did a great job. I wasn't expecting perfect and they matched the colors so well I can barely tell the difference. Will use again."

J Van Diest 07-15-2011

Great Results, But too pricey

"I had worn my favorite pair of Hudson's to their death. I was ready to throw them away when my friend told me about denim therapy. I was so Happy! I had my bum area repaired because they material had worn so much there was a hole. I am very happy with the results. I was happy to pay the 50 dollars for this repair. I also wanted to have the bottoms repaired because they are a little long and I had worn them to death. When I sent the jeans in for the estimate they told me the bottoms would be 98 dollars to repair! I find that way too pricey. If I had decided to have the bottoms and my bum area repaired then I might as well have bought a new pair of jeans. Hudson no longer makes these jeans I love and I think the prices reflect badly on jean therapy. The whole idea is to be able to salvage those one pair of jeans you love and thought there was no hope for them. With that said, I am happy with the results but wish I could have afforded to have the all problems fixed on my favorite pair of Hudsons. "

C Grafton 07-14-2011

Hole'y fixer

"This was the greatest find, EVER. I forget where i read about DT, but i knew my favorite pair of true religions needed some help. I kept putting my foot through my knee hole each time i put on the jeans and the hole kept getting larger and larger, they looked really ugly and i stopped wearing them. Not anymore. The patch looks 99% flawless, a perfect match in color too. This was the best $50 investment ever!"

J Goss 07-11-2011

Great service!

"I recently got into a motorcycle accident and tore my favorite jeans. Not wanting to spend another $100 and the time to break a new pair in properly, I looked for a repair service and discovered Denim Therapy. I sent them in, got a confirmation the next day and my jeans back a week later. My jeans are back and I'm wearing them every day. The left knee, which had exploded with two large holes, looks great. No, it's not perfect, but it's 95% there. Even the stiff backing which others have complained about breaks in after a couple of wears. I don't even notice it anymore and more importantly, nor do I notice the repair! I will be sending another pair this week. A great service at a great price. "

anonymous 07-11-2011


"I sent in my favorite pair of Joe's. My jeans have this pattern of wearing down on the inseams and then they rip into big holes. Denim Tx patched the hole and then what looks similar to be embroidery over the hole and the inseams, so that they do not rip in the future. Getting them repaired by Denim Tx was a good investment and I definitely recommend their service. I don't think I would recommend denim Tx for holes that are easily noticeable, as the repair does not look exactly like the original denim. The holes on my jeans are not noticeable to anyone do to the fact that they are on the inseam. I do however know that my FAVORITE jeans will last me a few more years!"

J White 07-08-2011


"I honestly did not believe they were going to be able to salvage my favorite pair of jeans since I inflicted further damage beyond the original holes by attempting a few home fixes that didn’t quite turn out as expected. I am ecstatic with the service they provide. I received an e-mail with my quote immediately upon jean receipt. I had a few questions regarding the repair so I e-mailed them and they replied in a matter of minutes with a new quote to include all my requests. You have to be realistic though, it’s a repair and you can’t expect them to look just like new. For even better results, don’t wait till the tiny hole becomes larger, just send them right away. Trust me it is worth every penny because they not only repair the hole, they also reinforce the area per your request which means future holes are unlikely. Oh and they did it in about a week!!! I highly recommend this service and wish I knew about it a loooong time ago!! --C 07/05/2011 "

anonymous 07-05-2011


"I cannot express how surprised and amazed I was with the results Denim Therapy provided for my sad, worn out jeans. I was heartbroken when I thought I would have to get rid of them. But, Denim Therapy brought them back to life and I am looking forward to many more years of wear. I will definitely use Denim Therapy's services in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

L Bronson 07-05-2011

An amazing job

"My favorite Dior Homme jeans have been restored to their former glory. I'm thrilled. Thanks to Denim Therapy for extending their life!"

S Hendricks 07-03-2011

Very Happy

"I sent in a pair of Citizen jeans that had a huge rip between the legs. They were not wearable any longer. They severly frayed and kept splitting. I got my jeans back somewhat quickly. The patch is a little hard/scratchy, but the fact that I don't have to spend another $180 to get a new pair of jeans (considering these are my favs, and I would have had to buy a new pair, had I not had this option). Your jeans aren't going to come back looking like you just bought them out of the store, but they did a great job matching. It was only $60 for the repair...I'm very happy with the results. Would do it again, and I recommend it. "

A Jeffers 06-20-2011

A Connoisseur's Sanctuary!

"This was my first experience with the Therapy. I wear raw denim every day of my life. I trusted them with my first pair ever, Nudie Bootcut Ola's from 2007, washed only three times. I had $80 of work done: crotch repair (4 in.), tear repair (1 in.), and hem reconstruction (3 in.). As a fact, nobody in NM is capable of doing what these people did to save my jeans. The repair in the crotch is not silk, but I do not wear underwear and I can get over it. This was an investment in durability, not in ultimate comfort (however, the repair is NOT uncomfortable). They did not chain-stitch the hem reconstruction, but I do not know if that is necessary and that is the only flaw I can find. I feel like D.T. earned their money, they revitalized a prized possession in a timely manner without complications. When you spend $150+ on denim, repair mistakes are not acceptable. Next in line will be my japanese selvedge! "

anonymous 06-12-2011


"Great job guys!!! So excited about wearing my favorite pair od jeans again!!! I've been telling the world about you guys!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!"

C Larsen 06-08-2011

Not what i expected...

"Sent in a pair of energie denim jean that needed a hole repair on the left knee, the entire process of repair and shipping was pretty fast. Regardless of the fast response, the repair job was not what i expected...the color surrounding the area that needs to be repair was completely off the chart..color didnt match and the material felt hard. I feel that they could have done a better job than this to live up to all the gimmicks but i was not satisfied with my returned jeans. Yes i can wear them again but they look ugly and i could imagine that a repair job done with the iron and cohesive material could have done a better job than this. The diameter of the damaged area got increased and it seems more obvious than before. I rather wait an extra 2 months to have a better repair job done than this...I wouldn't recommend repairs on washed areas but if your jeans are not wash and you can give it a try.."

anonymous 05-26-2011



U Artiaco 05-05-2011

I just saved over $100!

"When my favorite pair of Joe's finally ripped on the inner thigh, I thought I was going to have to scrap them and buy a new pair. I remembered hearing about Denim Therapy and was so happy that I found them on the internet. Shipping my jeans from the west coast to the east coast for repair seemed risky though. I decided to give it a try and for less than $50 (INCLUDING shipping both ways, AND they reinforced the other leg), I essentially got a brand new pair of jeans! To replace them would have cost at least $100 more not to mention hemming/breaking them in. The work is seamless and I feel confident now that I don't have to worry about the other side doing the same thing in a few months. Thank you so much and I am so happy this service exists! I will defninitely be telling my friends about your service!!"

anonymous 05-01-2011

Very awesome!

"Way better than a patch. The repaired area is a little thick, but at least it won't get another hole. Definitely worth the money."

H Reich 05-01-2011

Great Service!!

"I have been hesitant to do this for some time now, but I finally gave in while cleaning out my closet and about to donate a couple pairs of worn out jeans. They were 2 of my favorite pairs and was sad to see them go, so I figured why not. Worst case scenario I was out shipping to Denim Therapy. After about 2 weeks the jeans are back and better than ever. From the outside you can't tell anything has been done, but on the inside you can see where they have repaired the jeans, and reinforced these areas of wear. Overall I am extremely happy!!"

D Johnson 04-28-2011

First Time Using Denim Therapy

" Got a quarter sized hole in under left rear pocket and I remembered hearing about Denim Therapy on Good Day NY so I decided to give them a try.I live in NYC so I can drop/pick off/up my jeans. Upon entering their office I was surprised by how well kept the office was. I half expected jeans to be strewn all over the place. However, from what I saw all orders were either in their respective shipping boxes or neatly folded on shelves. I did have an error with my quote which was quickly rectified by a pleasant young fellow, and within 7 days my jeans were ready. As for the 'workswomanship'; the seamstress did a great job and I couldn't really discern where the hole initially was. I uploaded before and after photos but i am unsure if they can be viewed. If they cannot be viewed, take my word for it, I was very pleased with the service and will definitely use them in the future. "

C King 04-25-2011

Soooooooooo happy

"This is the 3rd pair of jeans I've sent to DT and each pair has come back even better than before. You are gonna but the denim biz out of business. YOU ROCK!"

anonymous 04-24-2011

White jeans - Underwhelmed

"After reviewing the website, I really thought my jeans would come back with no visible sign of the holes being repaired. You could definitely tell they were patched, the stitching was different and the area around the stitching was puckered somewhat. It was also very expensive to repair the two small holes $42 after shipping, etc. I will admit it was better than putting an iron-on patch over the holes but only one step above an iron-on patch (still very visible). I would not have sent my jeans in for repair had I known the final result would have been so obviously "fixed". "

D Denby 04-24-2011

Great repair job and cheaper than getting new jeans

"For $14 they patched my jeans and it is hardly noticeable. Well worth it."

anonymous 04-24-2011

Not what I expected

"After reviewing photos and reading about how denim therapy works on patches I was very excited about sending my jeans in. I debated if I should get them fixed or buy a new pair jeans, but after seeing photos I decided to try denim therapy. When I got my jeans back I was very disappointed the patch is very hard. When I walk, since the hole was on the knee, the fabric no longer moves because of the patch. The fabric is now darker than my orignal jeans so you can tell that there is a patch. I am very disappointed and now thinking about buying a new pair. I just wish I did that first instead of spending almost $50 with shipping included. "

A Margelis 04-24-2011

Thank you, DT!

"I lost over 60 pounds in 2010! Went from a size 26 to a 16. But in the process "lost" my two most favorite pairs of jeans. One had detailed leg length embroidery. The other was covered in NBA patches. I went online, haunted ebay and amazon and could not find anything even remotely similar at any price. At one of the warehouse sales I attacked, the manager recommended Denim Therapy. These folks make the whole process so simple and fun. Sent in the jeans and a currently fitting pair et voila! I now have both pairs in a size 16. I am so happy to have them back and the fit is perfect. Will definitely be a repeat customer."

E Press 04-21-2011

Beyond Thrilled

"I had my first experience with Denim Therapy and am so happy with my results. I had not worn my favorite jeans for over a year due to the huge wholes... wearing them would have been obscene for others to see. I am very excited with the results. Unless I tell someone they have been patched no one knows the difference. I have been telling everyone I know about this company because you do perfect work!"

C Watkins 04-18-2011

Spread the Word!

"I can't believe I didn't know about Denim Therapy before now! After having my favorite pair of jeans sitting in the closet for years with rips and a faded bottom, I am so excited to finally be able to wear them again. The process couldn't have been simpler...and the results couldn't be better. I've told everyone I know that they should use this company! Yeah!"

J Scolpino 04-17-2011

Jeans restored

"I think my first Denim Therapy experience has been a pretty good one, and I say "first" with the thought that I'm likely to be a repeat customer. I sent in two pairs of jeans that were beloved despite not having been huge investments in the first place - a pair of Mavis and a pair of Gap jeans, the Mavis were maybe 6 years old but had been out of commission for a little over a year because of a hole on the upper inner thigh, and the Gap pair had the same thing but were maybe 3 years old and I was still wearing them. Overall, the service was great - it was at most a 10 day turnaround between when I shipped out my jeans and when they were returned to me. Upon initial inspection I wasn't overly impressed with the color match of the patches over the holes - the colors weren't as close as I had inspected given how much DT hypes it's color match capability on the site, but, when I'm actually wearing the jeans you really can't see the patches unless you're trying to find them, so, color-wise, I'm totally happy. The one complaint I have, though, which is something that I've noted in other reviews, is that the patches are a little scratchy on the inside and it's something that's really noticeable given where they are (upper thigh/crotch area). It's not unbearable and not preventing me from wearing the jeans, but it is something I'm aware of and that my hope is that after wearing them for a while and washing them a bit it'll hopefully become less of an issue. I'd recommend to DT, though, that they find a way to change things up a little for this kind of a repair and make it less of an issue. Were it not for this, I'd be giving a rave review. All in all, though, it's nice to have my jeans back in the rotation. Thanks!!"

s Hay 04-16-2011

Saved my favorite jeans!

" I was so sad that my favorite pair of jeans had ripped, but Denim Therapy saved them! :) My jeans came back looking great! They even seem sort of reinforced in that area so hopefully they will last even longer! I am very pleased with this service- thank you!"

anonymous 04-15-2011

Best Repairs Ever

"I've sent in about 3-4 pairs of Earnest Sewn jeans to get repaired and for preventative maintenance and these guys have done the best job on every pair. I can't even tell that there's a patch or that any repair has been done just from looking at them. It's reasonable and a great value - who would want to pay another $150 - $200 for a new pair of jeans, when they could get them repaired for around $25 - $40 (shipping included) for a basic repair?! I have and have never regretted it one bit. Continue doing what you do Denim Therapy and thanks for saving me $$$. Eli"

E Reyes 04-10-2011


"Fast. Easy. Convenient. Affordable. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, and you can't even tell they ever ripped in the first place. I was demonstrating how to do a handstand to a friend's four year old daughter when I heard the sound of denim ripping. Needless to say I was pissed. A friend of mine had told me about Denim Therapy, so here was my opportunity to check them out. I signed up, sent my jeans off, and hoped for the best. The estimate was what I expected $21 at $7/ inch. The estimate was 2-4 weeks, but I received them sooner. Not only did they repair the portion of the crotch that was blown out but they reinforced the rest to avoid similar damage in the future. A+"

M Brockmeier 04-10-2011

Excellent Job but..

"Denim Therapy does a Great job! I sent 2 pairs on jeans this time and 1 pair in the past. My only complaint was they dont make repairs near rivets. They did such a great job fixing the other 3 spots on one pair of jeans, but my husbands butt will still show. I definately recomment Denim Therapy and will use them myself again, as long as there are no rivets in the area needing to be repaired!"

anonymous 04-10-2011

Excellent Repair on Selvedge Denim

"Just got back a pair of 15oz Japanese Selvedge denim jeans. The repair in the crotch was done really well. I will trust Denim Therapy with any of my repairs in the future."

anonymous 04-08-2011


"Wow. I sent in my two favorite pairs of Diesels to get fixed. I had worn these jeans down causing holes inside the inner thigh. After getting them back from Denim Therapy, they were brand new. It's unreal what they did with my jeans. I LOVE this place and will use them again. "

L Roman, Jr. 04-07-2011

Beyond Impressed

"The one pair of jeans that I loved had been hanging in my closet for months -- ripped at the crotch -- but I just couldn't let them go. Thanks to Denim Therapy I didn't have to. My jeans are like brand new and I am so grateful! "

anonymous 04-06-2011



anonymous 04-04-2011

Saved my 7 For All Mankind jeans

"Great job repairing the rip my knee made in my 7 FAM. These are my favorite "everyday" pair of jeans and the style is a discontinued one so trying to find a replacement would have been quite difficult. Will definitely use you guys again!! "

anonymous 04-04-2011


"I thought my favorite Levi's were a goner, but DT did a great job with the badly (previously - NOT by DT) repaired splits in the crotch. Now, I get another few years out of them! Thanks Denim Therapy!"

anonymous 04-03-2011

Saved my a$$, well, my crotch

"Thanks Demim Therapy. My favorite pair of jeans had been sitting unworn in my closet . You repaired the crotch in my jeans and they look great. Thanks!"

anonymous 03-31-2011

ALways happy

"I am continuosly amazed that I'm not purchasing more jeans cause my current pairs have worn out- Instead I send them into Denim Therapy and they fix them- So worth every penny! I have sent in so many pairs and I refer anyone who ever asks... Thanks!"

C Lee 03-28-2011

Great job

"You guys did a very thorough job repairing the crotch holes in my Dior Homme jeans. The thread color is perfectly matched, and the whole crotch area looks very well reinforced. I think I'll be able to get a lot more life out of these jeans, thanks to this great repair job!"

S Sugarek 03-27-2011

My Before and After Photos

"Here is a Photo of my Joes Jeans....Love the way they turned out! Thank you!"

B Oleszczuk 03-26-2011

Thank u Thank u!!!

"I received my Joes Jeans today! They look great! Thank you for saving my fav. pair! "

anonymous 03-25-2011

Great job and fantastic customer service

"When I received my jeans there appeared to be a new hole that wasn't there before and they allowed me to send back to have it fixed for free! Great job and great customer service."

anonymous 03-23-2011

Thank you

"I thought these things were done for... You guys saved my favorite pair of denim! Sending in a second pair for therapy soon. Cheers"

M Ficek 03-23-2011

Good repair

"Sent in 2 pairs of jeans for repair, one for a small hole and other for a broken zipper. Well worth the price depending on the repair you need done, saved me from buying 150 dollars worth of jeans."

anonymous 03-22-2011

Works Miracles On Your Jeans!

"I've had numerous pairs of jeans repaired by DT multiple times, always with excellent results! I wish it were less expensive but considering the cost of jeans these days (and considering how difficult it is to find that perfect pair of jeans!), I say it's totally worth it! Customer service is always great too, very helpful and professional. Thanks for keeping me and my favorite jeans together! "

N Kovic 03-19-2011

quick service

"Got my jeans back quickly! I had a hem repaired which from the outside looks great, but if I want to cuff the jeans, dosen't look very good. Overall, satisfied with having my favorite jeans back."

anonymous 03-13-2011

Hudson's back from the dead!!! THANK YOU

"I love my hudson "go-to" pair of jeans and after wearing holes in the knees I was afraid I was going to have to part with them---you really saved the day! Thank you so much!!!!!! They came back to me fast and looking like the day I bought them--Awesome work!!!! Will be back with my other jeans for sure! "

M Rivard 03-13-2011

They'll get it right!

"I've been looking and looking for a new pair of jeans that fit as well as my favorite pair with worn-out thighs, but no luck. So, repairing them for $42 + shipping was clearly a fantastic option. The repaired jeans came back looking great, but after just a few wears the old, thin fabric adjacent to the repaired region tore. I emailed Denim Therapy and they took the jeans for a second therapy session at no cost. Now the repaired crotch is holding up well and I'm happy to be back in the best jeans in the world (for me). If you're wondering if Denim Therapy is worth a try, the answer is yes. "

C Sirois 03-13-2011

They'll get it right!

"I've been looking and looking for a new pair of jeans that fit as well as my favorite pair with worn-out thighs, but no luck. So, repairing them for $42 + shipping was clearly a fantastic option. The repaired jeans came back looking great, but after just a few wears the old, thin fabric adjacent to the repaired region tore. I emailed Denim Therapy and they took the jeans for a second therapy session at no cost. Now the repaired crotch is holding up well and I'm happy to be back in the best jeans in the world (for me). If you're wondering if Denim Therapy is worth a try, the answer is yes. "

C Sirois 03-13-2011

ALWAYS delighted

"I think I'm sending jeans to you every month now! Such a great service -- I love you guys. Am I the only person that sends my kids' jeans in too?"

m healey 03-12-2011

Great Customer Service and So happy to have my jeans back!

"I just wanted to write and let you know that you guys have made my day!! I just got all four of my jeans back and I so happy and impressed with the therapy that they have received!! I have not put on some of the jeans in over a year due to the damage they had but I kept them around knowing one day I would get around to fixing them. I am so happy to be in them! Also the customer service through the entire process was great and I would recommend that anyone needing their jeans fix send them over!! Thanks so much for giving me my jeans back!"

anonymous 03-09-2011

My fav Banana jeans - back to life!

"I couldn't be happier with the work done on my jeans. The thread is an exact match! I had the right knee repaired and the back of both hems. They dragged the ground behind my heals. I'm just glad that I can wear them again without having to worry about accidentally putting my foot through the hole in the right knee anymore, which made it worse every time. I don't have any before photos, but there are many others uploaded for comparison, which was enough for me to send my jeans in. The turn around time wasn't bad either...I think it was about three week from the time I shipped them off until I got them back. Well worth it! The knee repair job was $12 and both hems were $70. Thanks Denim Therapy!"

J HENNING 03-06-2011

Wonderful job!

"I bought of pair of Urban Pipeline jeans a little more than a year ago, and I wore them out pretty well, including the seams, buckle area. I sent the jeans to Denim Therapy, and the jeans look like ne! Could never tell there ever had any tears or repiars done to it, that's how good the repair is!"

C Nicola 03-06-2011

Awesome repair

"My favorite 6 year old jeans, which I wore everywhere, were torn due to excessively thinned material in multiple spots. They are now basically as good as new, and I am back to wearing them everywhere. The repair, admittedly, cost almost what the jeans cost new, but it was totally worth it as I can't replace the jeans at this point, and as I haven't found anything that fits me quite as well. Thank you!!! "

anonymous 03-06-2011

Great service and QUICK!

"I used Denim Therapy twice on the same pair of jeans - once for the right butt cheek and belt loops, then again a few months later for the left butt! VERY FAST and wonderful service. This pair of Hudson jeans is lasting forever, thanks to Denim Therapy."

R Ryan 02-28-2011

Look good but don't feel so great

"I sent a pair of torn Earnest Sewn jeans to Denim Therapy after the company successfully repaired a pair of Citizens for me last year. Although the tear (on the inner thigh) is now completely camouflaged by the perfectly-matched re-sewing, the interior is scratchy and uncomfortable. I will probably continue to wear the jeans because I put so much money into buying and repairing them, but I'm going to reconsider before I send another pair off to Denim Therapy again. I was disappointed because this company's concept is so good and potentially very useful, but good-looking repairs aren't helpful if they make the jeans unpleasant to wear. "

L Dayton 02-28-2011

Quick service good looking but uncomfortable on skin

"I took my COH jeans to be repaired. I dropped them of in person the following day I was emailed with an estimate which reasonable. I had a hole on the inner thigh about 3.5 inches. The jeans were returned very quickly. The repair looks great on the outside but they were repaired with a fairly large patch that was placed on the inside, which now rubs against my skin. The jeans are a size 25 and my thighs are not huge. I will still probably wear the jeans because they fit great but I wish I had known the repair was going to require a patch on the inside. I will definitely think twice before sending another pair of jeans with a hole in the crotch or inner thigh. Although I must admit I wouldnt hesitate to send a pair of jeans with a hole on the pocket or hem or any other area that would not constantly rub against my skin. "

anonymous 02-28-2011

blue cult jeans

"They fixed my favorite jeans which had horrible rips in the thighs!"

k sickles 02-28-2011


"Denim Therapy totally saved the life of my jeans! I've posted a review of my experience (with before/after photos) on my blog: "

k williams 02-26-2011

More holes after than before

"When I received my jeans, I noted that the seem had a rip where it didn't when I sent them. The repairs I requested were done satisfactorily, but I was disappointed this wasn't caught before the pair was shipped back to me. Thankfully, I emailed DT and they sent me a postage-paid label to send the jeans back for repair of the seam. "

A Cann 02-26-2011

Magic Stitch

"I thought my Lucky Jeans were doomed, but three weeks later, I was able to add this pair back into my arsenal of daily wear. Very satisfied with the cost and workmanship. I am a customer for life! "

J Dawson 02-25-2011

Great results

"Don't think one could have repaired my jeans better. Top Quality."

B Chick 02-25-2011

Amazing work!

"The only style of jeans I work has been discontinued and I was so upset when my remaining pairs started ripping and I was down to my last pair of jeans. I sent Denim Therapy my ripped pairs and they came back better than new, holes repaired with reinforcements where I needed them. I am unbelievably happy with the repairs. Thank you, Denim Therapy!"

M O'Neill 02-22-2011

I wish I'd known sooner!

"I just sent two pairs in and they came back great! One pair ended up being pretty expensive because they were seriously busted but it was still less than half of what it would have cost to buy new ones. I only wish I'd known sooner so I could have sent in past pairs that I gave up on. I never would have thought that these jeans could be salvaged but Denim Therapy managed to do it. I will definitely be using them again. "

anonymous 02-22-2011

Gave it a try & thrilled with the result

"My husband read about your service & I had to test it out. I sent in my favorite pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that were wearing in the thighs. I am beyond thrilled with the results. The thread is almost an exact match & now I don't have to worry about a hole being worn through. I will be sending my favorite pair of 7jeans in next! Fantastic service, totally worth every dime. I knew I'd never find a replacement pair and the repair was cheaper than any pair of designer jeans out there. Thanks for the great customer service! I will be a repeat customer!"

J Callan 02-21-2011

Happy, but expensive

"The jeans came out GREAT! I am very happy with the result and even more happy that I can continue to wear my favorite jeans. I had about a 4 inch rip in the crotch of the jeans. All together with tax and shipping I paid almost $70 to get them fixed. Sorry Denim Therapy, but I'll probably never use your service again considering that's half of what a new pair of jeans would cost. "

anonymous 02-18-2011

Always super

"I'm a little embarrassed to realize how many jeans I've sent to you all. Even my kids' jeans, bc a $7 fix for a ripped knee on brand new jeans makes more sense than buying a new pair. I love the recycle aesthetic -- I'd so much rather have you guys fix my jeans (beautifully, always), than buy new. Wonderful service, as always, and of course I'll be sending more jeans your way!"

m healey 02-17-2011


"awesome job, will never go anywhere else again to have my holes fixed."

J Kehoe 02-17-2011

Sweet turn around & $

"Had a dime shaped hole in my Diesels that made the business casual jeans, a little too casual. Well, 8 days and 13 dollars later, and I am totally thrilled and can't believe it. I totally recommend this service!"

anonymous 02-17-2011

So happy!

"This is the second pair of jeans I have had repaired by Denim Therapy, and I am thrilled! It is amazing how a favorite pair of jeans can become so important! It was like welcoming a friend home when the package arrived! The knees are repaired beautifully and will probably hold up better than when new. Since David Kahn is no longer making jeans, I can imagine that this pair will making more trips to DT! Thank you so much!"

anonymous 02-17-2011

The only ones I'd trust with my denim!

"So we dance, trip, fall, and somehow manage to rip the crotch or butt of our denim. Denim Therapy will set them right again, no Freud necessary. While you can never really undo damage, this is the best it's going to get. And when you shell out beaucoup bucks for denim (because some of us do)--why replace when you can repair?"

D Casler 02-14-2011

Great Service

"I'm thrilled I have my favorite pair of jeans repaired. I really thought these jeans would have to be thrown away because the inseam was really torn but 1-2-3 magic, and they're like new again. Simply amazing. I'll be spreading the word! "

anonymous 02-12-2011

Back pocket repair = fantastic!

"I had had a huge hole in the back right pocket of my absolute favorite pair of jeans. Denim Therapy patched it up perfectly!"

anonymous 02-12-2011

Don't Have to Search for New Jeans!!!!

"My jeans have a tendency to wear near the crotch . And of course, my favorite pairs always wear first since I wear them the most. After mulling over whether or not I wanted to do the laborious search for a new pair that had the perfect fit, I sucked it up and sent my 3 favorite pairs to Denim Therapy. I'm glad to say, no jean shopping for me!!! My jeans are good as new. "

anonymous 02-12-2011

VERY pleased!

"I will definitely recommend your service and your company to others. I am very pleased with the repair you did on my favorite pair of 15 year old Gap jeans. "

anonymous 02-12-2011

Great secret

"This website is not well known in my hometown but I am certainly spreading the word. DT has done great work on every pair I have ever sent. Thank you DT!"

l parrish 02-12-2011

I will definitely recommend Denim Therapy

"My jeans came out amazing. Fabulous alternative to getting rid of pricey and/or favorite jeans. I will use the service again and recommend it to anyone who needs it."

anonymous 02-08-2011

Hundreds more saved by Denim Therapy

"By repairing 5 pairs of jeans over the last year, I would say that Denim Therapy has saved me at least $750 in replacement costs -- not to mention the "priceless" savings of not having to try on jeans, break them in, get them hemmed, etc. My favorite jeans have all been repaired to full working order perfectly, the pricing is great and the quick turnaround is genius! Thank you!"

anonymous 02-07-2011

Great repair

"Denim Therapy fixed the hole in my William Rast jeans at the knee. I wasn't happy with how light the repair was in relation to the fabric around the repair, so they darkened the wash for me at no further charge. They even sent me a return label so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping to send the jeans back to them. I love the jeans now that they have been fixed! "

N Cengic 02-07-2011

fast professional service...

"all the way, from communications with company to quallity of alteration/workmanship on jeans. this company provides great service! "

t ma 02-07-2011

Like an old comfy couch

"But with a new, solid, fresh frame. Here's to five more years with these jeans!"

R Shelby 02-07-2011

Happy to have my jeans back

"I am happy to have my favorite pair of comfy Joe's jeans back. While, I wouldn't say that my pants look perfect, or incredible, they are back together and wearable, which I am very pleased with. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the reweaving, but it is in a discrete location and the jeans are originally deconstructed anyway. I would recommend this service to people who realize they are going to get back a wearable (though not perfect) pair of jeans. I certainly would not have been able to repair them myself and I will get many more seasons out of them. If you can replace your favorite pair easily, I would recommend that first, but if you can't find your cut and color anymore, then this is a satisfactory way to go. "

S Davis 02-06-2011

Great Job!!!

"This is the third time I have used Denim therapy. I am very impressed with their work. My daughters jeans from J. Crew came back looking like new. Definitely better than buying a new pair of jeans. They are very speeding in their work as well. So glad I know you exsist!!!!!"

J Kunes 02-05-2011

My Jeans look incredible!

"My Jeans look incredible! Denim Therapy once again has saved me from buying more jeans. Thanks, Michael D."

M Dottin 02-04-2011

I'm very happy with all 3 patches.

"I sent in a pair of battered gray Victoria's Secret jeans. They were probably ten years old, with the seat worn almost transparent on both sides, and the cuff worn through in back. Denim Therapy sent them back marvelously restored. Bear in mind that these were battered jeans with variations in the gray color (due to age and many washings) to start with--the restoration did not have to be a flawless job of reweaving to blend in well. But, yes, it does blend in well. If you look inside the jeans, something "patchlike" has been set in there, probably to add strength so that the seat does not wear through a second time. Some reviews call this a patch. I'm going to call it "reinforcement." There is a faint, faint difference in color between the reweaving, or whatever it is, and the jeans around it. If you want to walk up to me, crouch, and examine my bottom closely, you'll see it. But I won't let you do that! So it really is not a problem. The cuff is no longer torn, and since these are my sneaker and sandal jeans, not dress jeans, I regard it as a very good, more-than-worth-the-money repair. I'd experiment with dress jeans next, based on this repair. And though I forget exactly, I think I paid about $84 including shipping. I also just bought on sale (75% off at end of January) $200 jeans for $50. So: how much do you love your old jeans? I want both--the new and the old. I'm happy with the repair."

anonymous 02-04-2011

Customer service above and beyond

"I sent in 3 pair of jeans, one of them being my all time fav. The whole process of getting them out and getting them back was easy enough, but when my favorite pair came back with a hole still in the thigh area, I was confused. I contacted customer support about the issue and within hours had a UPS mailing label in my email and sent them out the next day to get truly repaired, no questions asked. Their customer service is more than I've received in the past year from other services in the repair genre. They were great to work with, fast and although my jeans are not perfect because of where the flaws were, they are now gone as much as possible. Thank you for saving my butt!!!"

anonymous 02-02-2011

My Favorite Jeans are Back!

"Denim Therapy did an amazing job and gave me back my favorite jeans. I had a rip in an unbecoming location that prevented me from wearing the jeans. I can safely wear the jeans again and the repair is so well done I don't worry about the area ripping again. A high quality job that perfectly matches the jean with no indication of a former rip or repair. "

anonymous 01-24-2011

Just like new

"I had two large holes in the back pocket of my jeans. I have read about Denim Therapy therapy before and wanted to test it out. The jeans came back just like new. Can't even tell any work was done on it. Great work. If only they were able to do that for my other clothes!"

anonymous 01-23-2011

Yes, my jeans are back!!

"I was devastated when I ripped my Diesel jeans on the thigh. It might sound silly, but those are my favorite jeans. They fit me perfectly, and the fabric feels great, and yes they were expensive. So when I found this company I was thrilled that they could fix them. I was so excited when I received my jeans back. I opened the box and couldn't believe the amazing work that they did. My jeans were back!! Even my family is amazed how well of a job they did. It was definetely worth the money, compared to buying a new pair of jeans. Thank you all so much! I would use this service again if needed to."

A Besteiro 01-22-2011

I never thought I'd wear them again!

"I split a hole in the knee of my favorite skinny 7 for all man kind jeans. These jeans are amazing in coloring they are dark blue with a fade that is pink in tone, unlike any I have seen, so I had huge doubts that denim therapy could fix them but I gave them a try. For $42 they saved my jeans. They are almost perfect. You can see the patch but only if you are looking for it and like I said these are extremely difficult to match in color so I have a feeling "typical" colors would do even better. I will be using them again! "

K Wren 01-22-2011


"I have had my favorite pair of jeans for over 7 years now. For the past 2 years I have been desperately trying to replace them because they were slowly on their way out. Sadly, none of the jeans I bought have lived up to to this fave pair. Then I found you. And now my jeans are like new again! I've been wearing them non-stop and I am so happy with your service. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will definitely be spreading the word."

P Roy 01-21-2011

Repaired a large hole on jeans

"I am absolutely satisfied, the entire transaction went smoothly and fast. The result was very nice and the communication also. I avoided buying a new pair of designer jeans. I will use this option again."

M Dalro 01-21-2011

Really good fix!

"I had a belt loop, a hole in the back pocket, and a hole in between the legs fixed and I was impressed! You cannot really tell anything was done unless you knew it was there before. My only complaint is that the fix that is in between the legs is not the comfortable. It kind of scratches my legs, but this could change when I wash them. Overall, the work is amazing and worth the price!"

anonymous 01-21-2011

Beyond Repair?

"My Diesel jeans were completely torn-up, both front and back, not in easy palces like the legs, but the entire seam around the fron zipper running to the back pockets. I honestly thought they would be impossible to repair, but couldn't bear to part with them... When they returned from Denim Therapy I was completely stunned... They were perfect! I have studied them and am still at a loss as to how they managed to do such a superb job, I could not be more delighted. Magic!"

E Quigley 01-18-2011

You saved my favorite jeans!!!

"Thank you so much for repairing my jeans! I knew you guys could do wonders with an actual tear, but mine were just worn real thin and were a wash away from ripping. But lo and behold, I got them back and they are amazing! Not only is it impossible to tell they were repaired, I have no doubt they are going to last me a good while longer. Brilliant business and great customer service. Thank you!!! "

anonymous 01-17-2011

Not The Same

"I had such high hopes! I will say their customer service is very good and they do what they say they will. I sent in a pair of Lucky jeans that had holes/tears on the inner thigh areas. The service does a good job of patching them but the material is not the same quality as the jean. It is noticeably tough and rigid so while they try to match the color and fade, the feel of the material is poor. Inside, they use a mesh to make the repair and after the $70 job, I can't wear them as they scratch uncomfortably against my legs. If your problem is torn hems or a tear in the knee that won't touch your skin, it may be worth it but otherwise, put the money into a new pair. "

anonymous 01-17-2011

New life for old Levi's

"I purchased a pair of Levi's from Urban Outfitters in 1999 which, to this day, remain my all-time favorites. After MANY years of wear and multiple repairs/mending, the gusset finally ripped so much that I thought them irreparable, but I still couldn't bring myself to part with them. I'd heard or read about Denim Therapy years ago, so I ran an internet search and found them quite easily. While the repair was a little costly - enough to justify the purchase a brand new pair of boutique denim - the expense was well worth it. I've already worn my Levi's three or four times since their return from Denim Therapy and haven't seen any sign of wear or tear. If I manage to squeeze another year's worth of wear out of my Levi's, it's money well spent. Thanks, DT."

E Lyon 01-13-2011

My True Religions

"Denim Therapy has once again made me a happy girl! They are true magicians in the field...My jean bottoms were destroyed- the hem was no longer even there- and you can't even tell that they were ever destroyed. I love my jeans again and Denim Therapy is my go to place for fixing the denim... Thanks"

anonymous 01-13-2011

Came back brand new!

"I was so upset when my favorite jeans got holes near the back pockets. These were the jeans I got married in and didn't want to part way. I did a yahoo search and came across Demin Therapy. I had to try to save my jeans. My jeans came back perfect! I am 100% sold on Demin Therapy. You can't even see where the holes were. Thanks Denim Therapy!!!!"

F Lambright 01-13-2011

Saved my Citizen jeans!

"My Citizens look amazing. Had worn holes on the inside of both legs. Not only were the holes repaired but the color matched perfectly! Very impressed!"

anonymous 01-04-2011

First time customer, now a DT family member

"I had five pairs of jeans that I just could not part with - the only thing wrong with them was the crotch. I stumbled upon Denim Therapy on a Google search for repairing jeans. I was impressed by the before/after pictures and thought I'd give it a shot. I was so impressed! From beginning to end, a truly professional, pleasant experience - and my jeans came back sooner than I anticipated! Once I got my jeans back, I couldn't believe it - the quality of the repairs were top-notch. You cannot tell there was a repair made, they look like new! It was like I got five brand-new pairs of jeans that were broken in just for me. Thanks Denim Therapy - I'm officially a customer for life. I would highly recommend this to anyone - it was well worth my hard money spent! "

V Selles 12-27-2010

Jeans are restored!

"My son was very impressed with his jeans, and could not believe they look like new! I highly recommend Denim Therapy to anyone that has jeans that need repair. Regards, Michael"

anonymous 12-24-2010

Wonderful :)

"I really can't believe the work denim therapy does. Tears and wears not on the seam used to be the end of my jeans, but I'm so thankful to have somewhere to send them now. The rip was just to the side of the zipper in the crotch and unless you get up right close you can't tell there was ever a rip. Since I live so far away (Kansas) this will be reserved for my most favorite of jeans, but I'm so glad the service is available. Great work!"

A Aldrich 12-23-2010


"This is the second time I've brought a few of my daughters favorite jeans in for repair and once again DT has spun their magic and they look wonderful, thank you."

r schattner 12-18-2010


"My jeans look absolutely fabulous! Denimtherapy will definitely be my answer to any repairs I might need in the future! I can't believe how afordable they are as well! Thank you so much!"

A Peine 12-18-2010


"I honestly thought that my jeans were ruined. I love them and there was a rip that I thought was totally unfixable, boy was I wrong. THANK you!!! "

R Faye 12-18-2010

Saved our favorite jeans

"Thanks for saving our favorite jeans! My wife had a pair that are her absolute favorite that are no longer being made. I surprised her by getting them repaired after she was holding onto them for a year. "

M Cawthon 12-12-2010

Like 2 New Pairs of Jeans

"So happy that I sent my jeans to Denim Therapy to be repaired. They came back essentially brand new. It's like I have 2 new pairs of jeans. Really glad that I paid for them to be repaired as opposed to spending money to buy brand new jeans."

anonymous 12-11-2010

So Happy!

"I've been unable to throw out my favorite paper of Paper Denim and Cloth jeans because I love them so much even though they've been unwearable for the last 3 years due to a hole in the crotch. They are now completely fixed! The repaired area is a little stiff compared to the rest of the original denim, but it's not uncomfortable. I am thrilled I can wear my favorite jeans again!! "

anonymous 12-10-2010

A Million Thanks!

"I have had Denim Therapy repair various jeans of mine numerous times because I absolutely despise having to look for (and then break in) the perfect pair of jeans...and they come out looking perfect every time! The repair is less expensive than buying a whole new pair of jeans, not to mention less wasteful...and better than parting with your perfectly worn in jeans! Thanks for taking such great care of my denim time and time again! :-)"

anonymous 12-10-2010

Agave Favorite

"My jeans were 3 years old and washed many times. I sent them to Denim Therapy and they were wonderful to work with. A great job! Very Happy! Wanda P. 12-10-10"

W Pearce 12-10-2010

Once've put a smile on my face

"Dear DT: Once again you guys have done a great job on repairing my jeans, now I have 2 brand new jeans and I don't have to look all over the internet to buy new jeans! This time you guys have done a even better job than last time, I am very impressed!! Now I'll go dig out some old rip jeans in my closet and send them to you guys....THX AGAIN!!!"

G Lee 12-08-2010

so happy!

"I love my jeans! I'm very happy with the work that was done. Thank you denim therapy great job!"

j bowie 12-06-2010

My Paige's are wearable again!

"They were ripped in the seat, and Denim Therapy repaired them such that the large tear is completely unnoticeable when they are on - even had my friends check it out and they couldn't tell they had been repaired! They turned them around quickly and professionally. I have just ripped the knee of my favorite R&Rs and will be sending them to DT this week. Thanks!"

anonymous 12-05-2010

DT completely saved my jeans!!

"Denim Therapy did an AMAZING job repairing my jeans. Not only did they do awesome work, but instead of taking the 2-3 weeks it says it will take, I got my jeans back in about a week. Completely worth it. Without DT my favorite jeans would have been headed straight for the trash! As many others have said I wish I had known about Denim Therapy earlier! "

anonymous 12-03-2010

Couldn't be happier!

"Love having my old jeans back in tip top shape. You can barely tell they were repaired and they are stronger then ever. "

T Sapien 12-03-2010

So Happy!!

"I am so happy to have my favorite JBrand jeans back! You guys did such a perfect job, you can hardly tell they were even ripped in the first place! I will definitely use Denim Therapy again in the future!! :)"

anonymous 12-03-2010

DT saved my Joe jeans

"The repaired area is a bit stiff and uncomfortable but now I can wear my favorite jeans again so it was worth it!"

anonymous 11-30-2010

helloooo old friends!

"I am incredibly happy with the job that DT has done on my jeans! I only wish that I knew about the service sooner- as others have stated, I could have saved a few pairs from the trash. The entire process was easy, clear, AND much faster than I expected. Once I paid for the repair, I got an email stating that my jeans would be back in the mail within 2 to 3 weeks- it was about a week before I got the tracking info for the return ship. You can definitely tell that a couple of them have been repaired, but honestly, the wear has become so unique after 5 to 7 years of wear in the first place that the difference in pattern of thread in the repair spot fits right in. I have already recommended to my sister who will send a few pair of her own. I waited with anticipation for the Monday delivery to come.. hello old friends :)"

j ellwood 11-28-2010

Happy Dance!!

"Before and after pictures of the repairs of Demin Therapy are great. But you should request the Happy Dance video that is done by your customers when they open up their repaired jeans. In addition, when I wear my Denim Therapy repaired jeans and my hubby of 10 years grabs my butt and pays me an awesome compliment, it is worth the price!!!!"

L Maynard 11-28-2010

I'm a customer forever!

"When I received my favorite pair of jeans back from Denim Therapy I was so satisfied with the end results! All I have to say is, Well Done! "

anonymous 11-28-2010

miracle repair

"my daughter hung on the back of my light grey cords and tore the pocket half off - and made a big hole in the process. Denim therapy fixed a near impossible fix - unless you are up close you, can barely see the repair - and it's a pretty big repair. Thank you. You are miracle workers! "

anonymous 11-28-2010

Just Amazing!!!!

"My jeans look Brand Spankin' new. My son's jeans look fantastic!!!! Denim Therapy is a miracle company and I would definitely use them again. It's just amazing to me that you were able not only to match the colors of the jeans but the turn around time was so fast. Thank you! "

E Lipnicky 11-27-2010

very happy

"Can't be happy enough, bought my favorite jeans in New Orleans attending Jazz Fest 2007, Pocket ripped last Christmas and I was not happy, Saw the add for denim therapy in a cosmo magazine and had to try it. I'll be sending more!!! Only wish mailing them wasn;t so expensive!! but I will be a returning customer."

anonymous 11-27-2010

Denim Therapy saved my jeans!

"I was a bit skeptical at using the service, since it's not the cheapest to begin with. And shipping out my $200 Nudie was a bit of a leap of faith. But when I got it back I was really happy with them! Yes there's a patch from the inside but it also strengthens it so hopefully it'l last more than 6 months this time. You can check out the full review of the service and to see more pictures at"

W Shuen 11-23-2010

Great Quality workmanship and fast turnaround time

"The quality of work is second to none! And their turnaround the time was phenomenal! I'll send all my jeans there when they wear out! Sorry no before pics...was too eager to have my jeans fixed...I do have an after pic, and you can't even tell they were fixed or had anything wrong with them in the first place! They had holes/thinning/blow-out in the crotch."

A Chang 11-22-2010

Wish I had met the "doctor"

"I have worn through more pairs of jeans than I can count. Designer denim is my wardrobe staple and had I known earlier of this FANTASTIC site I might still be united with my favorite pair...Thank you so much for your FAST and VERY WELL-DONE work - I will DEFINITELY come back - just as soon as I wear out yet another pair. ;) Thanks again!"

anonymous 11-22-2010

Well Done!

"A favorite pair of J brand jeans with large holes on the inner thighs were repaired so well that one could hardly notice. I'll be able to wear them at least another couple of years- totally worth it! I would definitely use Denim Therapy again."

anonymous 11-21-2010

Thanks - great service

"I live in Chicago and had 2 pairs of jeans that needed help to fix some holes. It was extremely easy and efficient to ship the jeans to be fixed and then 2 weeks later they were back on my door step. Great process (especially for someone 1000 miles away) and great work. Very pleased all the way around."

C Weber 11-21-2010

Not a miracle, but certainly better than they were

"I sent in my grubby work jeans - these things were pretty beat up all around and had a small tear in the front side about mid-thigh. I sent them in to get the tear fixed and the knees reinforced. It was either that or they were going to disintegrate in the next 60 days. The tear was fixed nicely: A+. The knees were a bit disappointing - the reinforcement is definitely visible: B. However, the jeans are a little light in color and a darker pair would probably hide things better. Also, the reinforcement seems to be legit and will extend the life of these jeans. I think I expected perfection and as a result I was slightly disappointed. I feel I should also give Denim Therapy credit for a great pre-repair process and fast turnaround. Bottom line: I'm pretty happy overall and would try this service again."

anonymous 11-21-2010

Denim Therapy is the BEST!

"I sent in two pairs of True Religion jeans that had holes in the butt area and had been sitting in a pile on my floor for almost a year. I can not tell you how happy I was when I got my jeans back! They look amazing- you can not even see the repair! The service you provide is beyond wonderful and you have made a customer for life! I will definitely recommend Denim Therapy to everyone! Thank you for fixing my jeans and helping me clean up the pile that was on my floor- these jeans are now hanging in the closet, where they deserve to be!"

S Worsham 11-20-2010

Endorse other comments

"Great job. Will definitely use your services again"

A Webb 11-20-2010

Nice operation

"The crotch of my beloved FCUK jeans was wearing out so I went in person to drop off my jeans. The people I saw there in the Garment District very nice. I received free promotional shipping, and my jeans look great! "

C Brumbaugh 11-20-2010

Great Job!

"Denim Therapy did a great job repairing a hole in the crotch of my jeans. If I had one criticism, it would be that the repair is sort of itchy. However, if I had to do it over again---I definitely would without any hesitation, so it's obviously not that big of a deal to me. Great job Denim Therapy---I will be recommending you to all of my friends with denim needs."

anonymous 11-20-2010

Great Job!

"Denim Therapy did a great job repairing a hole in the crotch of my jeans. If I had one criticism, it would be that the repair is sort of itchy. However, if I had to do it over again---I definitely would without any hesitation, so it's obviously not that big of a deal to me. Great job Denim Therapy---I will be recommending you to all of my friends with denim needs."

anonymous 11-20-2010

Awesome Job!

"I had a pair of Diesel jeans that I wore on a regular basis for 5 years, the crotch started getting a hole in it and Jean Therapy did an awesome job making my jeans look good as new (and it was inexpensive!)!!"

n craparotta 11-14-2010

Not as good as others' reviews :(

"I was so excited when I heard about DT because my absolute favorite pair of Joe's jeans were wearing down in the crotch. So I sent my jeans in. When they returned, I couldn't wait to see the result - and immediately my expectations were dashed. DT put a patch on the inside, which is stiff and you can imagine how uncomfortable that feels in the crotch area. Also, the "color matching" didn't quite match - not sure if you can see from the after's just not a consistent pattern or color of thread. Lastly, the repair on the outside is also very stiff - just hope it softens with washing and time. Thank goodness the fix was in an area most folks don't see - but unfortunately if they were, I would not consider DT again. I had high hopes. (Also, I can't see others' before and after pics - not sure if it's my computer, or DT's website)."

T Wooten 11-14-2010

Thank you

"Dropped off a pair of G-Stars and a pair of Diesels. Had them back in less than a week. Amazing. Thanks for saving my jeans."

A Allan 11-12-2010

Great job!

"Many thanks -- for whatever reason I wear through right knees like crazy, and you were able to resuscitate 3 pair of jeans I would otherwise have had to get rid of. The work is great, and I love that you're out there, saving jeans from the scrapheap! Will highly recommend to all my friends."

m healey 11-12-2010

Just when I was thinking about throwing

"You guys have done such a great job, I had this pair of jeans for yrs, I just love to wear them everyday, unfortunatly the hem was completely destroy since I wear these pair ALOT, wanted to find another pair but is almost impossible to find this style anymore, good thing I found DT before I decided to throw them away, I just got the jeans back today and it looks like new!! DT ROCKS!! Gordon 11-11-10"

G Lee 11-11-2010

Thank you so much!!!!

"This is the second time I had you fix a pair of jeans for me. My daughter was so happy, because her favorite J. Crew jeans look like new. Great job as always!!!!"

J Kunes 11-10-2010

Sooooo happy!!

"I sent in 2 pairs of 7's and a pair of Hudsons for repair and two weeks later they are back in perfect condition. I am so pleased...overly the work you've done on my pants. Where they were unwearable before with holes in the crotch and butt, they are like brand new again. I will continue to send my pants in the future as well as recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you soooo much. Kristi Torrance, CA"

K Koopmans 11-08-2010

Thank you

"Was perfect! Amazing, thank you"

M Maria LaCalle 11-05-2010

Great Job

"I was about to throw away 2 pairs of diesel jeans that I've owned for about 7-8 years when I decided to give denim therapy a try. Never had my jeans repaired before. I was a bit apprehensive but decide to take a chance and spend $60 instead of $400 that I could have spent on new pairs. They saved my jeans, 7-8 more years! "

S Outhavong 11-02-2010

Not too happy at all with the results :(

"I had sent a pair of jeans that had been worn out in the middle area and the bottom. The jeans were fixed but I noticed that there are little seams that poke out and when I tried to wear them they are way too itchy now. There was a patch that was put to repair the middle area but it causes an itch that is just to horrible to take. I can no longer wear these jeans even though they look fine. I feel I have wasted over $50 on itchy jeans that are no longer wearable. Very sad, Michele O."

M Osorio 11-01-2010


"Levi's stopped making my favorite pair of jeans and I was devastated when my last pair had torn...but denim therapy saved them and I am back in my favorite pair...I only wish I had known of this service before... Dawn 10/29/10"

D Iselin 10-28-2010


"Very happy that my favorite jeans were repaired, two pairs...Wish the prices were a little lower and I would send a few more pairs, but the quality of work is incomparable...Highly recommend using these guys..."

anonymous 10-28-2010

Exceeded my expectations

"I wish I had followed Denim Therapy's advice and taken a "before" pic so I could show you what a great job they did. I had put holes through the back hem of both legs with stilettos and with time the holes frayed and grew. I had written these jeans off and was going to get rid of glad I didn't. Thanks again."

M Macieszkiewicz 10-26-2010


"Thank You Denim Therapy for giving me back my most favorite pair of 7"s . I have had them for over seven years and they were totally worn out between the legs . After many attempts at patching them on the inside and the outside , I was about to give up and send them to the dumpster , alas, my daughter-in-law suggested I send them to you , as she had a hole repaired by Denim Therapy and was thrilled . Today my 7's arrived back home and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with you service and expertise . My jeans look new again and can't wait to wear them tomorrow . THANK YOU DENIM THERAPY !!!!!"

N Janko 10-26-2010

Not what I expected.

"I've read and heard such amazing reviews of this company, so I sent in my favorite Hudson Jeans. They were wearing out in the right knee and it made me worry about wearing them totally through. I'm not totally happy with the look and feel of the repair, but I'm glad that I have my jeans back. I love my jeans and I like to wear them hard, so they made this possible. What I didn't like was that the stitching on the repair was not straight, its bulky and stiff. I just expected it to be a cleaner fix. Hopefully it will soften up after a few washes. Thanks for fixing my jeans. I would consider using Denim Therapy again."

S Grace 10-25-2010

They stand behind their warranty

"I had a pair of jeans repaired a month ago. They looked amazing when I got them back. A few weeks later, I put them on for the first time. I heard a ripping sound, and sure enough, a part of the repaired area had ripped. I immediately contancted Denim Therapy and sent the jeans back in. They repaired the area again and returned them to me free of charge. This time, no issues! I've worn them a few times, and they are as good as new. Thanks Denim Therapy!"

anonymous 10-24-2010

It really works!

"I've had two pairs of jeans repaired now, and I'm amazed every time how great they turn out!"

G Chao 10-23-2010

Brought new life back to my old jeans

"I read an article in a magazine and kept the article in a file. I have a pair of Sevens and Paige jeans that I just love. The Paige jeans fit great, but the denim is really thin, so one day I ripped a huge tear in them. They were really expensive and there was no patch that was going to fix them and the thought of throwing them away and buying a new pair was depressing. I remembered the article and sent them in, they came back looking perfect. No one can see the place they were repaired. I have sent both the Sevens and Paige jeans in a few times to get fixed. I've managed to keep both those jeans long past their lives by getting them fixed with Denim Therapy. Now if I can just get them to add color dying, these Sevens are faded! Thanks for all the great work!"

T Messelt 10-23-2010


"this is the second time that i've sent my 4 year old jeans in for repair and they did an awesome job once again! the fabric was wearing thin, and they fixed it amazingly and you cant even tell that these jeans are so old"

anonymous 10-22-2010

great job

"I had three holes repaired at the knees and they did a great job matching the threads. I couldn't be more pleased. thanks Denim therapy!!!"

M Boland 10-22-2010

I could not be {happier!}

"To all the wonderful souls at Denim Therapy, My jeans arrived today and I can't believe how great they look! You took my favorite pair of jeans and mended them immaculately! Now I can wear them again and again! Plus your customer service was beyond amazing and I will send you my jeans in the future without a second thought! Thank you again so MUCH! "

A McCracken 10-20-2010


"I got my jeans back yesterday, and they are better than new! I am so happy to have my best asset back in my closet for those days when I need to look great :) I can't believe what a flawless job you've done, thanks!"

B Adams 10-20-2010

Reunited with my bestfriends

"So i read an article about this site on the DETAILS mag and i was kind of skeptical about sending in my Capital E Matchstick levi's. i was utterly heartbroken because i thought i either had to patch them or throw them out and they are literally my favorite pair of jeans i own. so i was willing to give DT a try. and i thank god because the job was rediculously imaculate, i was on my way to work and i got that knock on the door all white box with the simple but most effective Denim Therapy logo on the corner it changed my life packed them in my back pack and changed as soon as i got to work... the work is incomparable and just... ugh ! i thank you guys from the bottom of my heart because the work done looked intense and meticulous and i will definately be sending more in... well i hope not but if i do need work done i definately will be trusting the most important part of my outfit in your hands :) thanks once again for reuniting me with my most favorite pair of denim i own. "

P Aparicio 10-15-2010


"We've been holding onto a favorite OLD pair of my husband's Levi 550's - finally heard of Denim Therapy and are amazed at the results! Just sent in a second pair. Thank you!"

anonymous 10-15-2010

Awesome Job

"This was the second pair of J Brand jeans Denim Therapy fixed for me, and they did an amazing job. The jeans were as good as new. It makes me SO happy to know that just because a pair of jeans rips doesn't make them unwearable anymore. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you times a million"

H Mines 10-15-2010

They were amazing!

"I don't have pictures but there were two rips in the butt of my jeans and i sent Denim therapy my jeans and got them back 2 weeks later (I live in SF, CA) A week after sending my jeans I got anxious and e-mailed them to find out when I would be getting them back- I figured I wouldn't get a quick response, most places take forever to, or don't ever reply to messages like that. But within minuets I got a response on my jeans progress and it gave me an expected return date witch was dead on accurate! I am so happy with them they are basically back to new!"

A Taylor 10-12-2010

Wow! I can barely tell they were ripped!

"I ripped a two-inch gash into my brand new jeans, and after getting them back from you guys, you can barely tell that they were damaged."

R Kincaid 10-11-2010

Second Chances

"Thank you for giving two pairs of jeans a second chance. I am THRILLED to have two of my favorite pairs of jeans back in the rotation. With the placement and size of the rips, my jeans sat forlornly on the shelf until my sister showed me a pair of her jeans that had been recently repaired through this brilliant company- Denim Therapy. My jeans are now happy and healthy, and I am wearing the heck out of them! I am your newest evangelist : ) "

E Miltko 10-10-2010

Second Chances

"Here is the before and after of the second pair of jeans repaired."

E Miltko 10-10-2010

Thank You!

"I have a pair of jeans made by Von Dutch that have great sentimental value. I have worn them on just about every continent in the world and they are the kind of jeans that cannot be replaced. Denim Therapy cost me a lot of money as these jeans were worn thin, but I would have paid twice that price. Thanks for allowing me to continue to wear my jeans without fear that at some point my groceries might be on display sometime when I least expect it:)"

D DeBruyn 10-09-2010

You saved my jeans!

"My favorite pair of jeans got a huge rip in them and I thought, like many pairs before, that I would have to toss them. Thankfully I read about Denim Therapy before I tossed them! The jeans came back looking as good as new and you can only tell where they are repaired upon very very close inspection. I wish I would have known about this years ago! Now I will never have to sacrafice my best jeans again...I will be sending everything to Denim Therapy for repairs!"

C Swoveland 10-08-2010

Like new again...

"Thanks to Denim Therapy my favorite jeans are like new again. After years of wear and tear I developed holes in the crotch of my most comfortable jeans. Thanks to the services of Denim Therapy I can continue to wear these jeans. A small price to pay considering the premium price I paid for the jeans new. 5 Stars *****"

R Warren 10-02-2010

Fantastic work. You saved me some real $

"My Diesel jeans always get tears in the crotch, and I was beginning to question the investment...I was spending $200-$300 per pair. Not only have you made the crotch holes completely disappear ďż˝ you would never know they were there, but you've strengthened my jeans and given me added years to their wear. I'm sooo impressed by the quality of your work, I will definitely recommend you in the future. Not only am I saving money, but I'm recycling and being green at the same time. Much success to you guys; I think you'll do very well."

S Palmer 09-28-2010

I'm so happy!!

"I sent my favorite jeans in to be repaired. I just got them back and they look brand new!! Thanks so much for saving them for me. What an amazing job!! "

V Mellamphy 09-27-2010


"yaaaaay i get to keep wearing my favorite jeans!!!! thank you soooo much :)"

H Hettiarachchi 09-27-2010

Exccellent work

"You guys are amazing. I thought I would have to throw these jeans away but you fixed them up perfectly. All my jeans are coming to you now! Thank you so much"

A Miles 09-27-2010

Outstanding work!

"Couldn't be happier - great work, fast and friendly service. Would definitely recommend it to friends. Thanks again !!"

anonymous 09-24-2010


"couldn't believe that my jeans were whole again. Really impressed with the patching, fit, and price. "

J Kaminsky 09-23-2010

Fantastic job!

"I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my jeans. These were my favorite pair of Lucky's, but the hole in the pocket had gotten out of hand. I will definitely use you guys in the future if I need another pair repaired."

anonymous 09-16-2010


"Thank you for the fabulous job in repairing my jeans! My jeans fit perfect and the area that was repaired blends in perfectly. Thank you!!! I will most definitely be sending s'more broken jeans your way soon. "

anonymous 09-13-2010

Darn good!

"This is the second time I've sent in a pair of jeans,was SO impressed by the first results. These had been ripped in the knee due to a nasty fall(L shaped tear).Great results again,really have to look hard to see the weaving however;these were stretch "jeggings" and the thread and patch are not.Therefore when I bend my knee,the pants don't quite bend along with me--rather stiff in that spot.Nothing horrible,but would appreciate some research into how to do this kind of repair with a stretch thread or backing,if that exists.Am thrilled with the pricing and speediness and quality of work.Will continue to use and recommend. DSD"

D Diamond 09-12-2010

Fast Service, Great Repair!

"Hi! I live in NYC, so maybe that accounts for the quick service, but my jeans were repaired and shipped within a week of my drop-off. I brought in a pair of Gap boyfriend jeans that I typically use as a work-appropriate substitute for sweatpants; they had ripped in the crotch on one side and were beginning to go on the other side. Like someone said in an earlier review, the thread they used for the repair was a bit coarser than the original thread, but it definitely gives that area a reinforced feel that makes me think its highly unlikely they'll rip again. Overall, if you love a pair of jeans and want them fixed for about 1/2 the cost of a new pair, send your jeans here! "

M Brewer 09-10-2010

Second time around

"I've previously had a couple pairs of jeans repaired by Denim Therapy with marvelous results, so when the knees in my partner's favorite pair of jeans started to go, I sent them in. Amazing that on such a visible part of the jeans you can't even tell that a repair was made. The knees are now doubly strong (!) and that pair should last for months and months to come. I read that John D. Rockefeller's wife routinely and personally "turned" the collars of his shirts (unstitched the collar, reversed it, and sewed it back on) so as to extend their wear. If even the Rockefellers could repair clothes for longer wear, surely the rest of us can do the same."

anonymous 09-10-2010

Great Work!

"I sent a pair of Citizens and a pair of 7 for All Mankind Jeans with very obvious rips in the thigh to be repaired and am extremely pleased with the workmanship. I will definitely be sending damaged jeans to Denim Therapy in the future. Thank you!"

anonymous 09-10-2010

So Happy!

"I had a huge hole in the knee of my favorite pair of jeans and the people at Denim Therapy fixed them beautifully. I'm so happy with the results that I'm planning to send in a pair of my husband's jeans. Thank you for the prompt service and fantastic results. Kaci"

k berry 09-10-2010


"So happy to have my favorite jeans back. I will definitely be sending more in the future and recommending to everyone!"

D Antisell 09-09-2010

Sevens Worked - Stretchy, Not so much.

"I got back my Sevens and am really happy with the way they were fixed! Hopefully I can get another year or two in :-D I also sent a pair of jeans that are a less expensive pair (American Rag) and were my fave for 3 years - had a lot of stretch in them cause they're like the precursor to the jeggings you see now -- I assumed Denim Therapy would use a more elastic thread to fix, but they didn't. Since it's in the crotch, the place where they fixed it doesn't give much like the rest of the fabric does and so it looks like a stiff/inflexible patch. It's not the end of the world and isn't too noticeable, but I probably won't send another stretchy pair - better off buying a new pair."

K Barrera 09-09-2010

Thanks so much!

"Just spent a pretty penny on my husband's favorite jeans....only to have them catch on something and tear above the knee. It was a good 3 inches! I tried to repair them myself, but it looked awful and ripped again right away. When we got them back from Denim Therapy - I seriously couldn't even see where the rip had been! It's like magic! Am telling everyone about you guys. THANK YOU!! "

anonymous 09-09-2010

G-Star RAW Jeans

"I sent in a pair of G-Star RAW Jeans with 2 large holes in the crotch area and they came back looking good as new. Thanks for the great work! "

anonymous 09-09-2010

Old Jeans to New Jeans

"The jeans I submit were my absolute favorite. So even though they were worn and torn I still had an emotional tie to them and didn't want to part with them. I always enjoyed wearing them and so I submitted them for repair. When I got them back I was overwhelmed with surprise and joy. Denim Therapy did a 100% repair job and I started lining up my other jeans for repair too! Fantastic job on repair, you're just not going to get any other provider that can do this type of job. Thank you so much Denim Therapy my next pair of jeans are on the way."

anonymous 09-04-2010

Like magic

"Great fix! Denim Therapy patched the holes in my favorite pair of Nudies. It's like the holes never happened! Worth every penny."

J Pepper 09-02-2010

Awesome Show, Great Job!

"I'd been contemplating this service for a while, as some holes in my favorite pair of jeans were growing larger. Finally got around to doing it and, whaddaya know-- my jeans came back looking PRISTINE. Like some sort of sick magic trick. (I'd upload a before-and-after but I didn't take a pic before I sent them in.) Brilliant, brilliant work. I've dutifully recommended this to all my friends. I can't wait to make holes in more things."

M Hidalgo 08-28-2010

So Happy!!!

" I was kind of afraid to send my very favorite and lived in jeans to Denim Therapy, but could not be happier...they are better than ever! It's such a relief to know that a place such as this exists!!! Thank you anonymous 8/28/10"

anonymous 08-28-2010


"I was so happy to discover you after my jeans had sat unworn for 6 months due to a tear across the knee (and my fear that it would grow if they were worn). The knee looks great and I am so happy to have my jeans back and able to be worn again. I have already forwarded your info on to a friend. "

J Havranek 08-27-2010

ALWAYS the way to go

"I have used Denim Therapy numerous times on different pairs of jeans...I have always been above and beyond satisfied! I will forever use denim therapy! They make magic happen and keep my jeans alive! Forever in my heart.....and bookmark menu!"

G Weaver 08-27-2010

My Jeans Look Great!

"This is the "second" pair of jeans I got repaired, and they look great! Denim Therapy offers excellent service, and the process is simple. Regards, Michael"

M Dottin 08-26-2010

Thank You!

"I was beyond thrilled when I got my jeans back ~ awesome job!!!"

anonymous 08-26-2010

LOVE my jeans

"I am pregnant and LOVE to wear my designer jeans. However, I did not want to pay $250 for a new pair of True Religion so I sent a pair of my regular True Religion to Denim Therapy to help me out. The result is fabulous. I can wear my regular jeans and it cost me only a 4th of what a new pair would have cost. They are FABULOUS!! I would highly recommend this service!"

anonymous 08-26-2010

My Favorite Jeans LIVE!

"I just got my jeans back last week. I seriously feel like I have a new pair again. I had given up on these bad boys with all of the rips and tears,but alas they have been reincarnated! It was well worth the money and piece of mind to know that I'll have these jeans for years to come. Thank you Denim Therapy!! Erin K 08-24-10"

E Kelley 08-24-2010


"you saved my favorite jeans and i am forever grateful. the total cost was well worth it. the workmanship was flawless. i will be a repeat customer and will be singing your praises. brilliant business!"

s olson 08-22-2010

This was amazing

"I was amazed at the quality of repair. You would never know the jeans had been repaired. Best money I ever spent. Much cheaper than buying new jeans. Great business."

anonymous 08-20-2010

I'm spreading the word far and wide

"I got my two pairs of jeans back and am so happy to have them in rotation in my wardrobe again. I've saved a huge amount of money, but more importantly regained the comfort of wearing familiar clothes and not having to throw them away. Thank you for excellent work and a fantastic business idea."

E Pfeifer 08-20-2010

I am very happy!

"My jeans were pretty ripped up. I had gained weight and the jeans split all the way accross the right rear. For awhile I continued to wear the split jeans with tunics, causing the split to fray more and more. Then crouching caused a split accross the knee. I lost the weight to the point where the jeans fit again, but they were really unwearable. I held onto the jeans for about a year thinking perhaps a good tailor could sew them up or patch them, though I wasn't expecting much. Then I took to the internet and found Denim Therapy. Never did I dream my jeans could look like this again. No casual observer could tell that the jeans had been repaired. Denim Therapy did an excellent job. The repairs are almost invisible. The repairs are a little thicker than the rest of the jeans, but you would have to feel them to notice. Because my rips were so extensive, my repairs were pretty pricey. But for me, it was worth it to have my favorite pair of jeans back again.. I hope the repairs wash as good as they look."

anonymous 08-20-2010

So Impressed!

"Thank you so much for getting me back into my favorite pair of jeans! They look great!!! I have another pair that will be on it's way soon! "

S Kilgore 08-19-2010


"Fabulous job done. So happy to be able to wear my favorite pair of jeans again. Thank you so much!"

anonymous 08-18-2010

I'm a believer

"I needed two holes, under the back pocket, repaired. Got the jeans back and the worst of the two had been fixed, but the other had not been. I wrote right away. Got a response back very quickly. I received an apology for the mistake and a paid UPS label to send them back. What more could you want. I am very satisfied and have already recommended your service to a friend. "

L Woodiwiss 08-18-2010

great job!

"was very happy with the repair job on my two pairs of jeans - will definitely be using you again and will recommend you to all of my friends!"

anonymous 08-17-2010

I'll be a repeat customer

"I'm very pleased with the service I received from Denim Therapy. I was hoping the repair method they used would be discreet and I wasn't let down. I had a lot of problem areas with the jeans that I sent in. This included the crotch weakening, holes on the knees and a beat-up hem. They reinforced the crotch area, stitched up all the holes on the knees and did an amazing job reconstructing the hem. I had to deal directly with a customer service representative and the replies were quick, friendly and involved a solution. I'll be telling anyone needing repairs about Denim Therapy and I'll definitely have them handle all my repairs from now on. "

D Mason 08-16-2010

Great Job

"Thank you so much for repairing one of my favorite pair of jeans--the zipper is better than new!!!"

J Bloom 08-15-2010

Saved me the anguish of tossing a great pair of jeans away

"Honestly, the work you guys did is superb and thoroughly worth every cent. I don't think I'll be ripping holes in other pairs anytime soon but it's such a relief to know I can salvage my jeans with a quick fix. For a skinny guy like myself who is very loyal to his jeans that fit, it's great to know I can rely on Denim Therapy!"

G Victor 08-14-2010

Great job!

"I sent in a pair of Joe's Jeans with a hole in the crotch area and they came back looking brand new! And I was pleasantly surprised to see that the jeans were reinforced on both sides of the seam, even the hole was only on the left side. Considering how much jeans cost these days, it's a relief to have found this company! Thanks for the great work!"

anonymous 08-14-2010

Fabulous job!

"Sent in 3 pairs of jeans with crotch holes and Denim Therapy did a fantastic job of repairing all 3. Jeans look good as new. Would definitely recommend DT and I'm so glad someone found a way to repair those jeans we all love. Thank you!!"

K Eisenberg 08-14-2010

Really Impressed!

"I had a pair of J Brand jeans that were kind of a thin to begin with and they ripped on the inner thigh within only a few months after me buying and wearing them. I hung onto them for a while, refusing to throw out a pair of $200 jeans after wearing them for only 2 months. I read a review of Denim Therapy in a magazine and decided to try them out, not really expecting much. In the past when I have had denim alterations or repairs, I have never been thrilled with the results. I got my jeans back after about a week from Denim Therapy and I opened the package and was shocked and thrilled at their repair!! What they did looks natural and their technique reinforced the thin denim without looking obvious, so that the same tear wouldn't happen again. I was so impressed!"

D Lennard-Alladice 08-13-2010

Very nice work

"Really happy with the work Denim Therapy did. Here's the lowdown: -They were super good with communication and everything happened faster than anticipated. -The repair looks super strong and was cheaper than I thought it would be. Even with shipping costs each way, it came in at about $30 to fix a hole - not bad at all. -That said, $12 shipping to send jeans from NY to DC is a little steep, but not outlandish. -I think it's a bit misleading to say they don't use a patch because there is definitely a patch-like piece of cloth on the inside holding the stitches in place, but this is actually preferable to me because it looks like it will make the repair more durable. -The color-matched thread is a pretty good match, and certainly close enough for the seat-repair I got, but I probably wouldn't use this method for a knee repair, or somewhere else more conspicuous. -Overall really happy with the work, customer service, and price. Will definitely use Denim Therapy in the future and recommend it to friends."

anonymous 08-13-2010


"100 times better than expected! Thank you Denim Therapy for bring my favorite jeans back to life!!!! I have been dealing with holey crotches for my whole life and now I finally have found a solution!!!! "

A Zamir 08-12-2010


"You've saved my favorite pair of jeans! I'm so amazed! The stitching from the repair was not readily apparent, in fact, I had to search long and hard for traces of the repair stitching; finally I used a picture I took before the repair to try to locate where the hole once was and I'm not 100% sure if the hole was where I suspect it. They look and feel great and I'm so excited to wear them again! I'm considering sending them back for a dyeing if you guys do "spot dyeing." Thanks again!"

anonymous 08-12-2010


"I just wanted to thank you so much for repairing my favorite black corduroys. They look so fantastic!!! I am so happy to have them back even though it is summer... they are still my favorite. You will always be highly recommended. You have a customer for"

N Revis 08-11-2010


"I just received my repaired jeans and I am AMAZED! You guys have done an incredible job - breathing new life into a pair of heavily distressed Current / Elliott jeans that I would have otherwise never worn again! What a fantastic way to resurrect great "

T Lavender-Beck 08-11-2010

Thank you!

"You guys are amazing! My jeans look incredible. I'm so glad I found this service. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks again."

A Keyser 08-08-2010

Great Job!

"Got my jeans back and in fact am wearing them as I type this. You did a great job. Many thanks."

anonymous 08-04-2010

I will shout your name to the rooftops!

"I just wanted to write back and express my deepest thanks in regards to the repair you preformed on my jeans. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the outcome to come out so well. The workmanship is phenomenal, considering what it looked like previously. Regardless of the work having to be preformed over my existing patch (which I had done myself and looked the part) the repair is unbelievable. The work is seamless, flat and there's no added bulk at all."

Nickesia 07-31-2010

Happy Husband :)

"Howdy! My husband is so happy with the job you did on his barn jacket! It's just the elbow, but makes a difference in the whole coat. He's like a kid who got his fave jacket back! Hahaha! What an amazing process. Good work. Clever business. You guys "

Peggy 07-11-2010

Look forward to sending my jeans again!

"I'll be sending anyone who needs jeans repaired to you and I'll certainly be a repeat customer. So I look forward to doing business with you again =)"

anonymous 06-24-2010

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