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Denim Therapy

Holes + Tears

We can fix all of your holes and tears.* Be it prolonged wear, an unfortunate snag, or a
specific stress point, our denim doctors can repair it.

Crotch Holes

Holes in your crotch? We'll help keep you decent. The crotch area is the most common stress point on pants, and our most common repair.


Thinning can be a big problem when it comes to your most beloved pair. We can reinforce areas of your jeans that have worn thin but are not yet a full hole or tear.

Other services include knee tears**, back pocket damage***, and ripped seams. We can also fix stitches that have broken or torn; like a pocket, a belt loop, a jacket collar, or cuff. Our denim repair experts are up for any challenge!

*Sometimes metal rivets around damage will prevent the areas from being repaired. We cannot repair around rivets.
**Extensive knee repairs can be visible and thick.
***For most back pocket holes, we charge a "pocket repair fee." We have to remove and reattach back pockets to repair them, the "pocket repair fee" covers this extra work.


Inside Pocket $4.5 per 1/2 inch
Holes and Tears $4.5 per 1/2 inch
Reinforcing $4.5 per 1/2 inch
Repair now!
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Denim Therapy
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