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Excellent work; incredible service.

"I sent my beloved Raleigh Lincoln’s to Denim Therapy to fix several holes that started to develop in the crotch/inseam. My jeans are over two years old and well broken in. At first, I was a bit skeptical in having to mail my jeans across the country instead of taking them to my local tailor—but I’m glad I did. Denim therapy gave my jeans a repair job that will likely last a lifetime. The crotch is reinforced and the stitching is amazing close to the faded color of my jeans. I found the price point fair. If you are going to spend a month’s rent on a pair of jeans—you should be the type of person willing to take care of them. Denim Therapy knows what they are doing, and they do it well. "

R Kutch 02-06-2015

RUN!!! You will be paying them to ruin your jeans!!!!

"I received my beloved Paige jeans back earlier this week after having sent them off 3 weeks ago for repair, and they are now RUINED. Is the person who "matches" the thread colors"blind? Or colorblind? I sent my jeans in with the confidence that a simple straight rip (1/2" in length) in the seat (1/4" from the inner side of the pocket) would be "repaired." The rip was a clean rip- not old or frayed and the integrity of the denim around that rip was not compromised either. They now look like I sat on an ink pen- the spot that was repaired/ruined is noticeably a different color and it also feels weird. Really weird. I can feel the repair spot anytime I move- it's terrible- like something is stuck on my rear terrible. Too, I had a spot where my boots rub my jeans on the shin which looked a little worn that I asked about having repaired and I'm so sorry that I did- the fuzziness of the material would have looked and felt WAY better than this thing that looks like a huge ink stain. A kindergartener could have done a better job matching the color. So basically, I paid them to ruin my jeans. Save yourself the trouble and replace the jeans with a new pair- you will save yourself the hope and heartache. Seriously, for what they charged to repair and ship- it would have taken care of 1/2 the cost to replace, which I will now do, and would recommend any of you thinking about using these people to do the same. Horrible horrible disappointment. "

K Horsley 02-05-2015

Fantastic results!

"I just got one of my favorite pairs of jeans back from DT and they did amazing work. The front pockets were so damaged I couldn't wear them anymore. I'm sure to get many more years out of them now!"

anonymous 01-08-2015


"Denim Therapy BEAUTIFULLY repaired my jeans! They look amazing and the color matches perfectly. Great service and very reasonable prices! I highly recommend Denim Therapy! "

J Kaur 11-03-2014

Levis 507

"I sent my jeans from Canada as I was unable to find anywhere here that does professional repairs of the kind I required. The tear in the upper leg and hem repair on my Levis 507 and was the best work I have seen. I will definitely be using Denim Therapy for all future repairs. Thanks for the great work! "

anonymous 08-20-2014

Thank you, Denim Therapy!

"I've got strong, ample thighs, and after a few months, those thighs start to bust out of my jeans--jeans that have been washed and worn until they fit just right. What are you to do when you start busting out of your jeans? Send them to Denim Therapy! They worked magic on my jeans and reinforced my trouble spots so my jeans are not good as new, but better than new. Thanks, Denim Therapy! "

L Holt 06-10-2014

great work.

"Great Customer service and reasonable prices. "

anonymous 05-30-2014

you lost a good customer

"i have been to denim therapy and have spent few hundred bucks there- i was a huge fan and promoted them - alas they really are just clueless to customer service and loyalty - WAKE UP DENIM THERAPY - get your head out of middle America - you are not running some convience store - you are in NY fashion territory - start taking account of your loyal customers - before you turn around a competition will surface and you will go bust"

g sarway 05-01-2014

Believe the bad reviews - not a happy camper

"Definitely not happy - spent over $40 to ruin a great pair of All Saints. A patch would have looked way better. This is definitely not a seamless and magical repair like the site states - the "repaired" area stands out from across the room. Very stiff and awkward looking in person. A patch would have hands down looked better - but now they are officially ruined. Would not try again. "

anonymous 03-30-2014

The real deal - don't be put off by the price.

"It's always a real downer when your favorite pair of denim jeans gets torn or frayed seemingly beyond repair...but Denim Therapy has the solution. They charge for repairing holes by the 1/2 inch, but you should know that they are not just doing a simple stitching or patching job: they are actually reweaving the denim using a special machine that is designed to repair denim fabric. In my pair of khaki jeans, the crotch had a big frayed hole inside the leg, but the repair job is very discreet and is even stronger than ever, woven (not sewn) together. They also repaired a hole in the pocket made from keeping my smartphone in there. Drop-off and pick-up in Midtown was easy as can be, and they give you a lot of options. I highly recommend anyone to denim therapy who has jeans they think they can't salvage, because these people can do it. "

J Weber 03-27-2014

way of priced

"they charged me 99 bucks, 18 for shipping, which i wasnt aware off. Plus i still had a hole in one of the jeans. they shipped it back on the slowest shipping possiable. it is basicly two patches they did. I would suggest your local cleaners. way faster and cheaper and the same quality"

anonymous 03-11-2014

Great Job

"Denim Therapy provides an excellent service. I somehow managed to get a pretty visible rip in one of favorite pairs of jeans--a pair of dark Joe's--that wasn't in an inconspicuous area. DT did a great job of fixing them (thread they used match the color of the denim perfectly, and you'd never know there had once been a hole in that spot.) All this for just $12-- more than well worth it to salvage a pair of $175 jeans. I'll certainly be using DT again in the future if the need arises."

L Ganz 02-15-2014

Wonderful Service

"I can't say enough about quality of communication, speed of service, and the quality of the work on repairing my jeans. I would highly recommend and will definitely use again. Thank you. "

R Mantella 01-25-2014

Saved my jeans

"I sent in 5 pairs of jeans to be hemmed and have holes repaired. Denim Therapy did an amazing job. They fixed a pair of Rock and Republics that I have had for 10 years! My jeans look like new. It is completely worth the money. "

g holzheimer 01-07-2014

A High Quality Service...from initial contact to receipt of Denim serviced!

"My husband and I were referred to Denim Therapy by a Bergdorf Goodman employee who knows his Denim. Four pairs of high end denim with button fly were sent off to Denim Therapy to convert to zippers. The cost to convert was very reasonable. The conversion is PERFECTLY matched on each pair! The turn-around time was excellent! The customer service was quick to respond and helpful prior to shipping as this was our first order. We are very pleased and highly recommend this company to others! Even though the four pair of denim were an investment when purchased... my husband will certainly get his money's worth as each pair ages... for all we will have to do is contact Denim Therapy for repair whenever needed! Sincerely, Jeannie for Fred and Jeannie"

F BIRKHILL 01-07-2014

My 7s are back in action!

"After a couple years of wearing my patched up sevens (that I had sewn myself), I finally decided to try out Denim Therapy. I'm so glad I did because now I can wear my sevens again with ease! Denim Therapy did a great job repairing the two holes that were in the crotch of my jeans. The color doesn't match perfectly, but it is a pretty close match and one that no one will notice because of the location. Thanks Denim Therapy! "

anonymous 01-05-2014

Fantastic Job

"This was a second repair to my favorite pair of jeans. The first was "in the seat on the pants" and this repair was to hem on both legs. The work looks great and had the pants back in no time. "

M Fitzpatrick 01-02-2014

Great Job!

"The patch is great! The thread color was very good. I will definitely use Denim Therapy again."

S Kittel 12-27-2013


"I just received my jeans back. Had a hole in the knee area. First of all the color doesn't match!! At all!! And the patch so stiff!! Over all I'm disappointed !! The tailoring job is still good but nothing like expected! I'm from Canada and I sent it all the way to NY for nothing. I wouldn't send a pair of jeans again!!!! "

anonymous 12-16-2013

What happened to "MatchPerfect"?

"Got a pair of my favorite boyfriend jeans back and the thread color used to repair the hole does not match the jeans at all. I thought "MatchPerfect" was used to get a close as possible match to the color of the jeans? The color of the thread used is so off that my jeans actually look worse than when it had a hole in it. Pretty disappointed."

M Dao 11-19-2013

Great tailoring job

"I had 2 pairs of fabulous denim pants which were way too big for me. They did an amazing job fitting them to my new figure. DT is awesome and I will use them again."

anonymous 11-14-2013


"I have some Union jeans that I LOVE. They fixed them almost better than new. Super awesome... will definitely use them again... on pricey jeans. :) Nuff said. "

A Jansson 08-27-2013

Great Job!!!!

"I was very pleased with the quality of the repair. My old jeans look almost brand new. I have recommended Denim Therapy to my friends and will definitely be using this service again. "

L Cohen 07-22-2013

Really disappointed!

"My absolute favorite pair of jeans cost me $15 originally and I would have gladly paid more than the $50 or so I did to repair them had the results been nice but I am very disappointed with how they turned out. The patches are not even close to the correct color and they don't blend in at all. I'm very glad I decided not to send all of my jeans at once! "

E Derus 07-20-2013

Cost Way Too Much!!!!

"I've used denimrepair before and they repaired my jeans pretty good. However it ripped again and had it sent back to be repaired...this time I got a quote for $47!! With that money for repair I can get myself a new pair of jeans, maybe even 2 pairs!!! That's ridiculous!!! and to have my pants sent back without the repair, it would cost $27! WTF!!! Keep my damn jeans!!!!"

M MATMANIVONG 05-29-2013

Thought they were gonners

"I thought my jeans were done, caput, fini...then I found you guys. The jeans are back and better than ever! Great job and thanks!"

B Bitsky 05-10-2013

Using them again after 3 years

"When my favorite pair of Joe's ripped just after Christmas (I'd like to think it wasn't because of the holida weight gain...), I immediately thought to send them to Denim Therapy. I had two other pairs of jeans (another Joe's and a cheap Ann Taylor Loft pair) repaired there three years ago. When I realized how long it had been, I was amazed--the old jeans' patches are still perfect, and I've worn the heck out of both pairs. Worth every. single. penny. So lovely to have immediate recourse after the "oh noooooo!" moment of a torn pair of jeans!"

anonymous 05-08-2013

very impressed

"repaired a large hole in the knee of favorite jeans. thought they were ruined but i can barely tell the difference now. "

S Ricci 04-28-2013

Saved my J. Crew jeans

"I finally found the jeans that fit me like a glove, but 6 months after buying them (and riding my bike to work in them many days) they developed a hole in the crouch and on the bum. The repair was very reasonably priced, looks great, and the crotch is reinforced now so I can ride in them with abandon. Thanks again!"

E Crutchley 04-25-2013

My Rock Revival's are Rockin' again!

"I am really happy with the repair to my Rock Revival jeans. I was skeptical and a little worried after reading the many unhappy reviews (after I sent my jeans to Denim Therapy for repair), but was surprised when I finally received them back. The thread didn't quite match, but you still can't tell they were fixed. I wish I had taken before/after pics! The one down side is the shipping time to get them to Denim Therapy. It took almost a month from the time I mailed them to the time Denim Therapy received them. I would gladly pay for priority shipping myself to ensure a decent turn around time. Overall, great experience."

anonymous 04-23-2013

Decent job

"Sent in a pair of G-Star pre-faded, raw denim jeans. There was a large hole in the left knee. The repair looks sturdy, but the blend with the original fabric is not very close. A bit disappointing."

anonymous 03-08-2013

It's like magic!

"I was a little nervous about what the final product would be, but figured my jeans were ripped anyway so I sent them in. It's true that the repair site is a little thicker/stiffer than the other fabric- if I had a big rip in the knee, I might not go for it, but for the crotch you can't even tell. It felt like it took a few days to really break in the new fabric, but not surprising. It's holding up well and the color match is perfect! I'm so glad I have my jeans back! The customer service is good too. There was a mishap with my shipping and they were very communicative about my order and helped to resolve everything quickly. I really appreciated that. I will be sending in some more jeans to be repaired. It cost me less to fix the crotch of two pairs of Lucky jeans than to buy only one new one!"

anonymous 03-06-2013

Excellent Repair

"I love Denim Therapy. I have had several jeans hemmed here, and am always happy with the results. The recent repair to a tear in my favorite jeans came back with amazing results, and they reinforced another potential tear spot. Thank you!"

anonymous 03-01-2013

Thank you for saving my jeans!

"I am 100% satisfied with thier service. They are fast, cheap and most of all skillful. There were 2 holes (3 inches and 2 inches) in my favorite Work Custom Jeans. I asked them to repair those holes and make the knee parts stronger and they did exactly what I wanted them to do! Thank you DM for saving my jeans!! Now I can enjoy them again!"

anonymous 02-26-2013

Very Satisfied!

"Excellent customer service. Extremely friendly. Reasonable price, and very keen about getting your jeans repaired the right way. Really dedicated to providing the customer with the best satisfaction possible. I shipped my denim expecting to get the inside pocket pouch repaired; However, when I got it back within 2-3 week they repaired the pocket pouch, re-stitched around the outer pocket area which was also ripping, re-stitched my leather patch, which was coming off, and did some extra re-stitching around my jeans. I was very surprised! Overall, Denim Therapy is serious about achieving the best customer satisfaction. This is my first time getting my jeans repaired by Denim Therapy and I must say that I will definitely do business with them again. "

anonymous 02-11-2013

Looked great but a temporary fix...

"I was impressed with how well the tear in both knees was repaired - hardly noticeable - but the patch was only performed to a portion of the area so the jeans quickly (unfortunately just beyond 3 months) tore again - just above the patch at one knee and just below the patch on the other knee. For the relatively expensive service I expected more expertise. "

anonymous 01-25-2013

Excellent work!!

"I sent one of my favorite pair of Diesel Jeans to get a two inch crotch rip repaired. Unfortunately I did not get a before and after photo, but take my word for it, they saved one of my favorite pair of jeans! The blend is excellent, and they are like new again! Thanks Denim Therapy! MB"

M Broering 01-02-2013

A guy and his jeans.

"I recently got my 2nd favorite Eddie Bauer jeans back today and I can’t be happier. The crotch was ripped in two different places and was almost resigned to going to the mall to get another pair (I’m a guy and I hate clothes shopping) After looking at different patch work material as a last resort to going to the mall, I happened across the Denim Therapy website. I thought, “why not?” and sent them off. Needless to say I’ll be sending my most favorite Eddie’s to get my “walked off” hem repaired. Thanks!"

J Degroff 12-27-2012

two lost causes brought back to life

"Just got my 7s and Diesels back. I was so sure they were beyond help. One of the knees was just a big, gaping hole. Now you can barely tell there was a tear. I'm recommending this to everyone I know."

W Safer 12-07-2012

Great Job!

"Got my jeans back this afternoon and I am amazed with the result. Denim Therapy did a great job repairing the tears on my old jeans. "

N Delos Santos 11-29-2012

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