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Buttons or rivets fall off? Break your zipper? We can help.


Buttons & Rivets

We can replace buttons and rivets with durable generics. It is usually impossible to reuse your original buttons or rivets, as once they have been used, the internal mechanics prevent them from being able to be reused.

We carry gold, silver and bronze generic buttons and bronze rivets.


We can either repair or replace zippers. For minor zipper damage, we can repair. For greater damage, we will have to completely replace the zipper.

Buttons Fly Conversion

Do you have a pair of jeans you love, but they have a button-fly that you hate? We can convert a button fly to a zipper fly!


Change Button fly to Zipper $40.00
Rivet Replacement $12.00
Zipper-Repair $30.00
Zipper-Replace $35.00
Button Replacement $18.00
Repair now!
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