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Denim Therapy


We offer a variety of hemming techniques

Original Hem

We move the original hem up the pants, so that you can get the perfect length on your jeans without sacrificing the worn-in look of the original hem.


Regular Hem

Just need a regular hem? We can roll your jeans under and create a new hem on the pants with a matching stitch.


Chain Stitching Method

Chain stiching is the choice procedure for raw denim, as the chain stitching allows for more movement as the raw denim evolves. Chain stitching is a more traditional denim stitch, which is why we use a vintage Union Special sewing machine for quality and authenticity.


Next day hem

Contact us for more information.


Step on your hems all day? Hems can wear thin and create a tear or hole. We can reconstruct them.


Hemming-Original $25.00
Hemming-Regular $18.00
Hemming-Chainstitch $25.00
Hemming-Next day hem $40.00
Repair now!
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